LAN Parties: In the Gardens, On the Rooftops, Everywhere

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If you are interested in the LAN Parties, then this article is for you. We shall tell walk you through the basics of local area network gaming gatherings! Our guide will cover the very principles of networking and up to setting up a top-notch network yourself, so a person of any tech level will find something for themselves here.

LAN Parties

What is a LAN party?

First things first. A LAN party, short for Local Area Network party, is essentially a gathering where gamers unite in a physical space to connect their computers or consoles to the same LAN network and play multiplayer games together.

Small LAN parties

Picture this: you and a few close pals huddled around computers or consoles in someone’s living room, garage, or even a cozy gaming café. That’s the essence of a small LAN party. It’s all about the camaraderie, the banter, and of course, the epic gaming sessions.

Large LAN parties

Now, imagine that cozy gathering blown up to epic proportions. Large LAN parties attract hundreds, if not thousands, of gamers and often take place in sprawling arenas or convention centers. It’s a spectacle of epic proportions, with gaming tournaments, cosplay, and enough energy to power a small city.

Console-based LAN parties

While LAN parties are often associated with PC gaming, console enthusiasts need not feel left out. Modern consoles like Xbox and Playstation come equipped with Ethernet ports, allowing gamers to connect and engage in multiplayer mayhem just like their PC counterparts.

What do you do at a LAN party?

The answer to this question is simple yet exhilarating: you play games, lots and lots of games! But it’s not just about the gaming. LAN parties are also about forging friendships, competing in friendly tournaments, and immersing yourself in the vibrant gaming community.

How do you set up a LAN party?

Now, here’s where things get interesting. Setting up a LAN party requires careful planning and a dash of creativity. From choosing the right venue to ensuring a stable internet connection (or lack thereof), here’s a step-by-step guide to getting your LAN party off the ground:

1. Decide on the size
Determine the scale of your LAN party, whether it’s an intimate gathering or a full-blown gaming extravaganza.
2. Find a venue
Scout out a suitable location with ample space, electricity, and seating for your gaming cohorts.
3. Set up networking equipment
Invest in a reliable router or switch to facilitate seamless communication between devices.
4. Ensure stable internet (or not)
While internet access isn’t mandatory for a LAN party, a stable connection can enhance the gaming experience.
5. Plan power arrangements
Prevent potential power outages by distributing devices across multiple circuits and investing in extension cords.
6. Arrange seating
Comfort is key, so ensure ample seating for your guests, whether it’s makeshift bean bags or rented chairs.
7. Choose your games
Select a lineup of games that cater to your guests’ preferences, from first-person shooters to strategy epics.
8. Create a gaming-friendly environment
Stock up on snacks, beverages, and other essentials to keep your gamers fueled and focused throughout the night.

Can you do a LAN party without the internet?

Absolutely! LAN parties have been invented far before the Internet took over the world. People would connect devices via Ethernet cables and set up local networks in order to bond over their favorite games and have fun together.

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1. Are LAN parties still popular?
Despite the rise of online gaming, LAN parties continue to thrive, offering gamers a unique blend of social interaction and multiplayer mayhem.
2. How many people can attend a LAN party?
LAN parties can accommodate anywhere from a handful of friends to thousands of participants, depending on the scale of the event.
3. Do LAN parties require internet access?
While internet access is not mandatory for LAN parties, a stable connection can enhance certain aspects of the gaming experience.
4. What games are best for LAN parties?
Usually they are multiplayer games. Their genres include but are not limited to first-person shooters, strategy games, and racing simulations. Two classic examples would be Among Us and Lethal Company.
5. How can I protect my LAN party from outside interference?
You can use a reliable VPN like ForestVPN. It will boost your LAN party’s defenses and protect against potential threats.

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