Fake Amazon Reviews: Spot and Report for Better Shopping

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Considering we all relish the convenience of online shopping, it’s crucial to navigate the sea of product feedback with aplomb. Fake Amazon reviews pose a serious challenge to this endeavor, often skewing our perception and leading to less-than-satisfactory purchases. Knowing how to detect these deceptive critiques is not just helpful—it’s essential for a savvy shopping experience.

The Pervasive Issue of False Feedback

Surprisingly, a staggering 93% of shoppers rely on product reviews to inform their purchasing decisions. But what happens when these reviews are fabricated, creating a sham of trustworthiness? Not only do legitimate businesses suffer, customers can end up feeling cheated and disillusioned.

Bogus Bravado – The Financial Incentive Behind False Praise

There’s a lucrative motive behind the practice of posting phony praise. For instance, some merchants inflate their products’ ratings with fake endorsements, experiencing up to a 26% surge in sales for each added star according to study findings. It’s a short-term strategy, affording a brief boost in sales rankings and visibility. Conversely, fake negative reviews can unfairly tarnish a competitor’s reputation, leading to a vicious cycle of deceit and mistrust.

Amazon’s Battle Against Bots and Deceit

Amazon isn’t blind to the scourge of counterfeit commentary. The retail giant leverages cutting-edge AI to sift out fabricated feedback, having blocked countless fake reviews and taking legal measures against those orchestrating these deceptive acts. Despite their efforts, the challenge persists, necessitating a sharp eye from the consumer’s side.

Spot the Fake: A Consumer’s Guide

The Art of Unmasking Deception

Understanding the telltale signs of faux feedback is key. Techniques employed by merchants or hired guns range from using natural-language processing platforms to produce grammatically perfect reviews, to profile pictures lifted from stock photo websites. Yet, true discernment lies in the smaller, perhaps idiosyncratic, details.

Review Content: Red Flags Revealed

Vagueness and Verbiage

A Cornell University study found that fabrications are often marked by vagueness—focussing on stories rather than specifics. A genuine review, more often than not, zeroes in on concrete details like the “bed,” “bathroom,” or “check-in” process when discussing hotels, for example.

The Emotional Extremes

Keep an eye out for the overly sentimental or dramatic—it’s a classic trick to sway opinions. Most experiences with products are nuanced, not extreme. Does “I can’t wait to show my partner” or “It’s marvelous” seem a touch too exuberant? It might just be.

Uncovering the Reviewer’s True Colours

Generic Handles and Glossy Headshots

Does the reviewer’s name sound suspiciously common? Is their profile picture a tad too glossy and professional-looking? These are signs that the review might not be coming from a genuine buyer.

Monitoring Review Patterns

A sudden deluge of reviews in a short timeframe or a pattern of oddly similar remarks can be a giveaway of mass-produced fake reviews. A natural distribution of star ratings over time is what you’d expect for a cred-worthy product.

Alternative Routes to Truth

Before plunging into the depths of Amazon’s reviews, why not seek out independent judgement from platforms such as Wirecutter, CNET, or Which? Similarly, both contributors and content creators across social media like YouTube can offer more balanced insights into your potential purchases.

Tackling Fake Amazon Reviews: A Step-By-Step

Embellished endorsements are a no-go according to Amazon’s review policy. If you’ve sniffed out a counterfeit claim, it’s only a few clicks away to report it. And yes, your action can matter, for both consumers and honest businesses alike.

Tips on Dodging Dubious Reviews

Support Genuine Business Practices

By identifying and dodging fake reviews, you’re adopting a dual role – a conscientious shopper and a defender of legitimate business practices.

Parting Shots

We’ve all been there – excitedly clicking “add to basket,” buoyed by stellar reviews, only to be let down by a product that doesn’t live up to its online accolades. But now, with this guide in hand, you’re equipped to sidestep the traps of fake Amazon reviews and make informed choices that save money, peace of mind, and foster a truthful online marketplace.

If your curiosity has been piqued or you’ve found this guide useful, how about passing it along to your mates? Or better yet, share your own experiences below; have you ever been duped by a fake review? Let’s raise awareness and turn the tide on this issue.


  1. What typically gives away a fake Amazon review?
    • Reviews that are vague and non-specific, overly emotional, or contain repetitious phrases and keywords are often indicative of falsity.
  2. Can you report fake reviews on Amazon?
    • Absolutely, if you encounter a review that seems suspect, Amazon encourages reporting it through their platform to maintain the integrity of their review system.
  3. What other steps can I take to ensure I’m reading genuine reviews?
  • Branch out and seek independent review sites or trusted social media content creators for a more balanced and comprehensive evaluation of your potential purchases.

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