How to Keep Your Kindle and Nook Reading Private

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Finding solace in the world of books has been a common refuge. For avid readers, embracing e-readers like Kindle, Nook, or Kobo has become a practical means to expand their literary horizons. With the convenience of e-books—cost-effectiveness, space-saving, and the option for audio versions, the allure of e-readers is undeniable. In this article we will provide you with a guide on how to keep your Kindle and Nook reading private.

The Privacy Predicament with E-Readers

However, amidst the convenience lies a concerning reality: e-readers come with inherent privacy risks. Whether you’re flipping through pages on a Kindle or immersing yourself in a Nook, these devices quietly track your reading activity, from the genres you prefer to the time you spend delving into your favorite books. The extensive data collection encompasses everything from page turns and dictionary lookups to annotations and settings adjustments.

Unveiling the Extent of Tracking

A journalist’s inquiry under California’s data privacy law revealed the extent of Amazon’s surveillance through Kindle devices. The findings unveiled a comprehensive monitoring system that meticulously records users’ interactions with e-books. While seemingly innocuous, this data can be leveraged to deduce not only reading preferences but also potential purchase inclinations.

Shielding Your Reading Activity from Prying Eyes

Disabling Wi-Fi Connectivity

The most straightforward solution to safeguard your reading privacy involves disabling Wi-Fi connectivity on your e-reader. By severing the connection to the company’s servers, you effectively prevent the transmission of your reading history. Pairing this with open-source e-book management platforms such as Calibre and accessing copyright-free literature from sources like Project Gutenberg ensures that your reading habits remain private.

Navigating Device Settings

For those unwilling to sacrifice internet access entirely, there are alternative measures to mitigate tracking. Within the device settings, users can opt out of sharing “device usage data for the purposes of serving customized marketing offers and improving our products and features.” This adjustment, albeit partial, curtails the extent of data collection by e-reader manufacturers.

The Persistence of Tracking

Despite these precautions, the omnipresence of Amazon’s e-book ecosystem poses a formidable challenge. With a market monopoly unparalleled by competitors, Amazon retains unparalleled access to user data. Consequently, users are compelled to grapple with the trade-off between convenience and privacy, as relinquishing Wi-Fi connectivity remains the most effective albeit inconvenient method of preserving reading privacy.


1. Can I still purchase books without Wi-Fi enabled on my e-reader?

Yes, you can sideload books onto your device using platforms like Calibre and accessing copyright-free literature from Project Gutenberg.

2. Does disabling Wi-Fi affect my ability to access other features on my e-reader?

Disabling Wi-Fi restricts access to online services such as book downloads and syncing, but it does not impede offline reading functionality.

3. Are there any alternatives to Kindle for readers concerned about privacy?

While Kindle dominates the market, alternatives like Nook and Kobo offer varying degrees of privacy features. However, none rival the extensive e-book collection available on Amazon.

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