Parent Guide to Navigate the World of Kids Online Games

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The digital era has brought forth a surge in the popularity of online games among kids, with titles like Roblox, Minecraft, Fortnite, and FIFA taking center stage. As parents, we find ourselves grappling with the dual nature of these games – on one hand, they offer valuable lessons in perseverance, social skills, and problem-solving; on the other, there are concerns about graphic content, online interactions, and in-game purchases. In this article we will provide you parent guide to navigate the world of kids online games.

Unraveling the Lure of In-Game Purchases

1) Microtransactions: A Double-Edged Sword

In the world of online kids’ games, microtransactions or in-game purchases are omnipresent. These seemingly innocent transactions can quickly become a financial pitfall if left unchecked. The allure of a mere $2 purchase can snowball into unexpected bills, prompting us to be vigilant as gatekeepers of our children’s virtual wallets.

2) Parental Controls: Your Shield Against Unwanted Spending

To fortify our defenses, we must leverage the parental controls embedded in our devices. By ensuring that any in-game purchase requires our explicit authorization, we can thwart potential financial woes. It’s not just about blocking purchases; it’s about instilling a sense of financial responsibility in our kids.

Navigating the Game Landscape: Insights into Popular Kids’ Games

1. Fortnite: The Battle Royale Extravaganza

Fortnite, with its three game modes, presents an immersive gaming experience. From battling zombies to creative freedom, it caters to various tastes. We delve into its suggested age, content, parental controls, and in-game purchases, providing a comprehensive overview for parents.

2. Minecraft: Building Blocks of Creativity

Minecraft’s 3D sandbox game empowers kids with creative freedom. We explore its diverse gameplay, suggested age, parental controls, and in-game purchases, shedding light on how this game can be a constructive outlet for young minds.

3. Among Us: Decoding the Whodunit Fun

Among Us, an online multiplayer game set in space, introduces an element of mystery. Our guide covers age suitability, content, parental controls, and in-game purchases, ensuring parents are well-informed about the game’s dynamics.

4. FIFA 21: A Goal-Driven Soccer Simulation

FIFA 21 brings the excitement of football to the virtual realm. We dissect its gameplay, age appropriateness, parental controls, and in-game purchases, giving parents a holistic view of what to expect.

5. Grand Theft Auto 5: Navigating the Controversial Territories

This GTA iteration, with its intense storyline, demands attention. We discuss its suggested age, content, lack of parental controls, and in-game purchases, offering insights into the potential impact on a child’s gaming experience.

6. Genshin Impact: The Gacha Game Dilemma

Genshin Impact introduces players to a fantasy world with a gacha-style gameplay mechanic. We break down its suggested age, content, lack of parental controls, and in-game purchases, outlining the potential challenges parents may face.

7. Pokémon Sword and Shield: Catch ‘Em All in the Digital Realm

We embark on a journey into the Pokémon universe, exploring its age suitability, content, lack of parental controls, and online gameplay dynamics, equipping parents with knowledge for informed decisions.

8. Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Creating Your Virtual Paradise

Animal Crossing invites players to a world of open-ended play. We cover age appropriateness, content, lack of parental controls, and online features, ensuring parents understand the game’s non-competitive and creative nature.

9. Splatoon 2: Dive into the Turf War

In Inkopolis, Splatoon 2 offers a unique blend of single-player and online multiplayer modes. We unravel its age suitability, content, lack of parental controls, and in-game purchases, giving parents insights into this colorful and action-packed world.

10. Roblox: Empowering Creators or Exploitative?

Roblox, a platform for user-created games, raises questions about empowerment and exploitation. We discuss suggested age, content, parental controls, and in-game purchases, enabling parents to navigate the diverse landscape of Roblox.

Can a VPN Enhance Online Safety for Kids?

The Role of VPN in Gaming Security

As parents, our first line of defense is parental controls, but a VPN can add an extra layer of security. We explore how a VPN can safeguard your real IP address, encrypt online traffic, and enhance protection against potential security vulnerabilities in online games.


1. Are in-game purchases necessary for gameplay?

In-game purchases are not always necessary for gameplay. Our guide provides insights into each game’s dynamics, helping you navigate the fine line between optional purchases and essential elements for progression.

2. How can parental controls be set up for online games?

Parental controls vary across devices and platforms. Check our detailed guide for steps on setting up effective parental controls tailored to your gaming environment.

3. Is online gaming safe for my child?

While online gaming can offer valuable experiences, it’s essential to be aware of potential risks. Our guide provides tips on ensuring a safe online gaming environment for your child.

4. What makes ForestVPN a reliable choice for gaming security?

ForestVPN’s Threat Manager sets it apart by proactively preventing gaming apps from engaging with malicious entities. Explore our insights on how ForestVPN can enhance your child’s online gaming safety.

5. How can I balance my child’s gaming time with other activities?

Finding the right balance between gaming and other activities is crucial. Our guide offers practical tips on managing your child’s screen time and fostering a healthy approach to gaming.

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