Smart Sex Toys Security Tips

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Oh boy, have you heard about the wild ride in the world of adult toys? Picture this: It’s 2020, and a company called QIUI is all over the news for an, uh, uncomfortable reason. Their hit product, the Cellmate chastity cage, got some serious side-eye when tech whizzes discovered the app controlling this gadget was about as secure as a diary with a chocolate lock. Yep, folks could hack into it and stop users from unlocking their devices. Panic ensued, headlines flew, and QIUI had to scramble to beef up their security with encryption. But before you dive in, let’s have a chat about smart sex toys security tips, shall we?

Now, you might think, “That’s a one-off, right?” Nope. The cybersecurity geniuses at ESET pointed out in 2021 that this wasn’t an isolated incident. Turns out, lots of smart sex toys had flimsy security, making it easy for nosy Nellies to eavesdrop on your… leisure activities.

With the adult toy market booming to 30 billion USD in 2020 and expected to grow even more, it’s no surprise folks are curious about adding a bit of tech to their toy collection. Especially with discreet online shopping making it easier than ever.

What’s the Deal with Smart Sex Toys?

Smart sex toys are like the James Bond gadgets of the bedroom, equipped with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to add a bit of spice to your life. They come in all shapes and sizes, some so discreet you could wear them out and about (talk about taking your fun on the run!).

Types of Toys on the Block

  • Remote-controlled Toys: Perfect for long-distance lovebirds. These gizmos are operated via an app on your phone or tablet, keeping the flame alive even when you’re miles apart.
  • Virtual-reality Toys: Fancy a dip into another world? VR-enabled toys sync with VR content, offering an immersive experience that’s pretty out there.
  • AI Toys: The new kids on the block, these use data and biofeedback to tailor the experience to what gets you going.

But Are They Safe, Though?

In a word: kinda. The thing is, since these toys connect through Bluetooth, they’re not exactly Fort Knox. Researchers have shown that with a bit of tech savvy, someone could potentially hijack your intimate time.

Security Woes

  • Man-in-the-middle Attacks: Imagine someone secretly tossing a third into your twosome without you knowing. Not cool.
  • Brute-force Attacks: Some folks have too much time on their hands, trying every password combo under the sun to get into your business.
  • Privacy Leaks: Chat features and shared content without proper security can lead to TMI going public.

And the kicker? If a hacker takes control, it’s not just a breach of privacy—it’s deeply personal.

Keeping Your Toys to Yourself

But hey, don’t toss your toys out just yet. There are ways to play safe:

  • Do your homework before buying.
  • Read the privacy policy (yes, actually read it).
  • Use ForestVPN to keep your connections private.
  • Be choosy about who you share control with.
  • Consider if the smart features are worth the risk.


  1. Can someone really hack my smart sex toy? Absolutely, if the security’s weak. But taking precautions can make it much less likely.
  2. Is it worth getting a smart sex toy? Depends on what floats your boat! If the techy thrill excites you and you’re clued up on security, go for it.
  3. How can I protect myself if I use one? Look into using a VPN like ForestVPN, be selective about who gets access, and maybe don’t connect to your toy in public places.

There you have it—a down-to-earth natter on the ups and downs of smart sex toys. Remember, a bit of caution goes a long way in keeping your intimate adventures both thrilling and private. Happy Valentine’s Day, and stay safe out there!

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A VPN shields you from hackers in addition to protecting your private moments of play. Just think of how nice it would be to not have to worry about someone breaking into your gadget while you’re, well, doing whatever! Folks, always remember to complete your homework before purchasing any smart toys. Examine evaluations, see their security protocols, and make sure you’re always protected—I mean, using a VPN, of course! Play safely and take pleasure in the excitement without getting wet. Cheers to having fun in safety!

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