Unlock the World of Hotstar: No VPN Needed

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Watch Hotstar Without VPN: Unlock Indian Entertainment

Picture this: you’re all set to watch your favorite Indian drama series on Hotstar, only to be greeted by a frustrating geo-block message because you’re outside India. It feels like having a delicious meal just out of reach. But don’t worry, we’ve got a secret sauce that doesn’t involve a VPN. Yes, you read that right! Let’s dive into how you can watch Hotstar without a VPN.

Watch Hotstar Without VPN: Unlock Indian Entertainment

What is Hotstar?

Hotstar is a popular Indian streaming service owned by Star India and Disney. It offers a vast library of on-demand video content, including Hindi shows, movies, and live sports. From gripping thrillers like Criminal Justice to family dramas like Out of Love, Hotstar has something for everyone. Plus, with a Hotstar subscription, you get access to the entire Disney+ catalog. Imagine watching The Shape of Water or Hamilton without switching platforms.

Common Barriers to Watching Hotstar Outside India


Hotstar uses geo-restriction technology to ensure its content is only accessible within specific regions. Attempting to access Hotstar from outside India usually results in an error message, blocking you from enjoying your favorite shows.

Payment Methods

To subscribe to Hotstar, you need an Indian phone number and a payment method linked to India. This can be a significant hurdle for international fans.

How Can I Watch Hotstar Without a VPN?

Using a Smart DNS Service

One way to bypass geo-restrictions without using a VPN is by employing a Smart DNS service. Unlike VPNs, Smart DNS services don’t encrypt your data but reroute your DNS queries through a server in the desired country, tricking Hotstar into thinking you’re accessing it from India.

Steps to Set Up a Smart DNS:

  1. Choose a Smart DNS Service: Sign up for a reputable Smart DNS service. Ensure it supports Hotstar.
  2. Configure Your Device: Follow the service’s instructions to configure your device’s DNS settings. This typically involves entering a new DNS address in your network settings.
  3. Access Hotstar: Open Hotstar in your browser, and you should be able to stream content without any geo-restriction errors.

Using a Proxy Server

A proxy server can also mask your location by routing your internet connection through an Indian server. This method is less secure than a VPN but can be effective for streaming.

Steps to Use a Proxy Server:

  1. Find a Reliable Proxy: Look for a trustworthy proxy service with servers in India.
  2. Configure Your Browser: Most browsers allow you to configure proxy settings. Enter the proxy server’s IP address and port number.
  3. Stream Hotstar: Access Hotstar using your browser, and enjoy your favorite shows.

Alternatives to VPN and Proxy


StreamLocator is a unique device that plugs into your existing Wi-Fi router, allowing you to access geo-restricted content effortlessly.

How StreamLocator Works:

  • No Software Installation: StreamLocator works in the background without requiring any software installation.
  • Compatibility: It works with all Wi-Fi-enabled devices, including Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, and smart TVs.
  • Easy Setup: Plug the device into your router, and you’re good to go.

Steps to Use StreamLocator:

  1. Order StreamLocator: Purchase the device from their official website.
  2. Set Up: Connect it to your router.
  3. Select Hotstar: Choose Hotstar from the list of services on the StreamLocator dashboard.
  4. Enjoy Streaming: Stream Hotstar content without any geo-blocks.

Registering for Hotstar Outside India

To access Hotstar, you’ll need to navigate the initial registration hurdles. Here’s how:

Using an Indian Phone Number and Payment Method

  1. Get an Indian Phone Number: Use services like Google Voice or purchase a virtual Indian number.
  2. Payment Method: Use an Indian bank account, or employ services like Fiverr to find someone who can pay on your behalf.

Steps to Register:

  1. Sign Up: Go to the Hotstar website and sign up using the Indian phone number.
  2. Payment: Enter your payment details. If using a third-party service, provide them with your account details for payment.
  3. Access Hotstar: Once registered, use your Smart DNS, proxy, or StreamLocator to stream content.


Yes, using Smart DNS, proxies, or devices like StreamLocator is legal as long as you’re not violating the terms of service of Hotstar.

How Reliable Are These Methods?

While VPNs are known for their reliability, Smart DNS and proxies can also be effective. Devices like StreamLocator offer a seamless experience, making them a great alternative.


Watching Hotstar outside India without a VPN is not only possible but also straightforward with the right tools. Whether you choose a Smart DNS, proxy server, or an innovative device like StreamLocator, you can enjoy all your favorite Hotstar content hassle-free. So get ready to dive into a world of Indian entertainment without the VPN fuss.

FAQs about Watching Hotstar Outside India

Is it legal to use Smart DNS, proxies, or devices like StreamLocator to watch Hotstar outside India?

Yes, using Smart DNS, proxies, or devices like StreamLocator is legal as long as you’re not violating the terms of service of Hotstar. These tools are commonly used to bypass geo-restrictions.

How reliable are Smart DNS, proxies, and StreamLocator for accessing Hotstar?

While VPNs are known for their reliability, Smart DNS and proxies can also be effective in accessing Hotstar content from outside India. StreamLocator offers a seamless experience and is a reliable alternative to VPNs.

Can I access Hotstar from countries other than India using a Smart DNS service?

Yes, you can use a Smart DNS service to access Hotstar from countries outside India. By rerouting your DNS queries through an Indian server, you can trick Hotstar into thinking you’re accessing it from India.

Do I need an Indian payment method and phone number to register for Hotstar outside India?

To register for Hotstar outside India, you’ll need an Indian phone number and payment method. You can obtain an Indian phone number through virtual services or purchase one, and use an Indian bank account or third-party payment service to subscribe to Hotstar.