Anime Streaming Services: Top Picks for Fans

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Oh, hey there! So, you’re on the hunt for the ultimate anime binge-watching experience, right? Look no further because we’re diving deep into the colorful world of anime streaming, way beyond the usual Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. And let’s be honest, anime isn’t just a genre; for many of us, it’s a whole vibe!

A Brief Trip Down Anime Lane

Anime’s journey is nothing short of spectacular. Kicking off in the 1960s, it blasted onto the global stage in the 1980s and now? It’s a colossal giant, making up more than half of the animated content worldwide. Impressive, right?

The Ultimate Anime Streaming Guide

Now, let’s cut to the chase and explore some treasure troves for anime enthusiasts. But here’s the twist: we’re not chatting about the mainstream giants today. Nope. We’re zoning in on platforms that live and breathe anime. And guess what? There’s a hidden gem in the mix called ForestVPN, ensuring you’ve got access to all these anime goodies, no matter where you are in the world.


First up, Crunchyroll. It’s like the holy grail for anime fans, boasting a library so vast, it’s like the anime universe’s version of an all-you-can-eat buffet. With over 30,000 episodes from more than 1,000 titles, Crunchyroll doesn’t play around. And for manga fans? They’ve got you covered too. Plus, they dish out original content that you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Pricing: It’s a mix of free with ads or subscription-based bliss starting from 7.99 USD/month.
  • Availability: Pretty much global, with some variation in content by region.
  • App Availability: You name it, they’ve got it. From Android to Apple TV.


Moving on to Funimation, this platform is like the cool cousin of Crunchyroll, focusing more on dubbed content. They offer around 800 movies and series, with fresh content from Japan hitting the screens almost instantly.

  • Pricing: Options range from free with ads to the “Premium Plus Ultra” at 99.99 USD/year.
  • Availability: They’ve got a broad coverage, spanning several continents.


Wakanim brings a European flair to the anime streaming scene, with content dubbed in several languages including French, English, and German. It’s part of the Funimation family, so you know they’re serious about anime.

  • Pricing: Starts at 5.00€/month, with various subscription options.
  • Availability: Focuses on Europe but also available in Canada (Quebec).


HIDIVE might be newer to the scene, but it’s quickly made a name for itself with a well-curated library and the option to switch between censored and uncensored content. Talk about catering to all tastes!

  • Pricing: Affordable at 4.99 USD/month.
  • Availability: Wide, covering the Americas, UK, Ireland, and more.


For those who long for the golden age of anime, RetroCrush is your time machine. Dive into a collection of classics from the 90s and beyond, all available at your fingertips.

  • Pricing: Free with ads, or go ad-free for 4.99 USD/month.
  • Availability: Currently, it’s a U.S. and Canada exclusive.


Tubi might not specialize in anime, but it’s like finding that unexpected gem in a sea of content. They’ve got a neat selection of both subbed and dubbed anime, plus a K-Drama collection worth bragging about.

  • Pricing: Totally free, with ads.
  • Availability: U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Australia.


1. Can I access these platforms from anywhere?

Absolutely! With ForestVPN, geographical restrictions are a thing of the past. Whether you’re in the UK or chilling in a café in Tokyo, your anime binge is sorted.

2. Is there a way to watch anime for free?

Sure thing! Many platforms offer free content with ads. So, you can enjoy your anime feast without spending a penny.

3. What if I prefer dubbed content?

No worries! Platforms like Funimation focus on dubbed content, ensuring you’re all set for an anime marathon without the need for subtitles.

So, grab some snacks, get comfy, and let the anime adventure begin!

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And that’s it for now, people. There is content for every taste, whether you like dubbed or subtitled, masterpieces from the past or the newest releases. Take a seat comfortably, get some food, and explore the fascinating world of anime. Have fun!

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