March’s Must-Watch Reality TV Shows: Get Your Fix Now!

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March's Must-Watch Reality TV Shows: Get Your Fix Now! Vyprvpn android download
March's Must-Watch Reality TV Shows: Get Your Fix Now! Vyprvpn android download

Hey, fam! Isn’t real life just a bit too real sometimes? Thank goodness for the juicy escape that reality TV offers. I mean, who doesn’t love living vicariously through the glitz, drama, and sometimes the kitchen disasters of our favorite TV personalities? Let’s dive into the reality TV gold you absolutely can’t miss this March. Buckle up, it’s gonna be a wild ride!

Your March Reality TV Fix

Kiddo Chefs Taking the World by Storm

First up, hitting our screens on March 4 on Hulu, is MasterChef Junior. Picture this: kids, who are barely tall enough to reach the counter, cooking up a storm and impressing the socks off world-renowned chefs. Age is merely a number here, and these tiny chefs’ skills will blow your mind!

Celebs in the Big Brother House? Yes, Please!

Also on March 4, but over on ITVX, we’ve got the juicy return of Celebrity Big Brother UK. It’s all the fun of the original Big Brother but spiced up with celebs. Rumor has it, we’re talking big names like Phillip Schofield and Katie Price. Can you even imagine the drama?

Wondering how to catch Celebrity Big Brother UK from your cozy corner of the world? Stick around, we’ve got the deets!

Guess Who? The Masked Singer Returns

Jump to March 6 on Hulu for the eleventh season of The Masked Singer. Celebs hide behind wild costumes and belt out tunes. Half the fun is guessing who’s who, and the other half? Witnessing some of the most bonkers outfits you’ll ever see.

A Journey of Transformation

My 600-lb Life is back on March 6 on Max and Discovery+. It’s a show that’s had its fair share of controversy, but at its heart, it’s about individuals embarking on the toughest journey of their lives, battling obesity with hope and hard work.

Eugene Levy’s Reluctant Adventures

On March 8, Apple TV+ brings us more of The Reluctant Traveler with Eugene Levy. Our beloved homebody ventures into the unknown, discovering new cultures and places. It’s heartwarming, funny, and might just inspire your next adventure.

The Amazing Race: Globe-Trotting Excitement

March 13 on Paramount+ marks the return of The Amazing Race. It’s season 36, folks, and it’s not slowing down. Teams race around the globe, solving puzzles and taking on challenges. It’s a test of wit, will, and sometimes, patience.

90 Day Fiancé: The Reality of Married Life

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? is back on March 17 on Max and Discovery+. Following the visa hustle, couples now face the real challenge: marriage under the watchful eyes of the cameras.

Top Chef: A New Era

March 20 on Peacock, Top Chef returns without Padma Lakshmi, but fear not! Kristen Kish is stepping in, and the competition remains as fierce as ever. Who will earn the title of Top Chef this season?

Is It Cake? The Ultimate Illusion

Ending the month on a sweet note, March 29 on Netflix brings us Is It Cake?. Cake artists whip up creations that look anything but edible. It’s a mind-boggling, mouth-watering affair with a cool 50,000 USD on the line.

Craving More?

Can’t get enough of reality TV? Whether it’s the drama of Below Deck, the survival skills in Survivor, or the baking disasters in Great British Bake Off, we’ve got you covered. Check out our treasure trove of guides on streaming your fave reality shows. Dive into our full list and never miss a beat!


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So, what are you waiting for? The reality TV world is your oyster this March. Get comfy, get streaming, and maybe, just maybe, let’s find some solace in the fact that no matter how crazy our lives get, there’s always someone on reality TV having a wilder time. Happy watching!

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