HBO Max and Discovery Plus Merger

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Hey there, streaming aficionados! It’s been a wild ride for HBO Max lately, hasn’t it? From the highs of House of the Dragon to the lows of that Batgirl fiasco, it’s safe to say it’s been a rollercoaster of emotions. But fear not, because the dust is settling, and we’ve got the lowdown on what’s coming next. Dive into the merger of HBO Max and Discovery Plus, now known as Max.

HBO Max and Discovery Plus

The Birth of Max: A New Era Dawns

So, what’s the deal with this new streaming service, you ask? Well, hold onto your hats because it’s not HBO Plus or WB Plus or even Disco Max. Nope, it’s just Max. Yeah, we were scratching our heads too. But apparently, the bigwigs over at Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) think dropping the HBO label will make it more appealing to everyone, not just the grown-ups.

Launch Date: Mark Your Calendars!

Get ready to dive into Max on May 23, 2023. That’s right around the corner! While the website’s up for now, all you can do is sign up for updates. But hey, anticipation makes the heart grow fonder, right?

What Changes for Existing Subscribers?

If you’re already on HBO Max, not much will rock your boat. Your profiles, settings, watchlists—they’re all sailing over to Max without a hitch. Well, almost. You might notice a slight downgrade in streams and kiss goodbye to 4K UHD content unless you splurge on the “Max Ultimate Ad Free” tier. But hey, all your favorite devices will still play nice with Max.

How Much Will It Cost?

Let’s talk dollars and cents. Max comes in three flavors: Ad-Lite, Ad Free, and Ultimate Ad Free. Prices are on par with HBO Max’s current plans, but watch out for those sneaky changes in features. And if you’re eyeing that 4K goodness, be prepared to fork out a bit more.

Where Will Max Land First?

First stop, USA! Max will hit screens Stateside first, then hop over to Latin America, followed by Europe and Asia in 2024. As for our friends across the pond, your guess is as good as ours. But we reckon HBO Max will keep its name until Max sails into your region.

The End of an Era: HBO Max Bows Out

Come May 23, HBO Max will bid us farewell. Profiles will migrate, apps will update, and the Max website will rise from the ashes of HBO Max’s digital footprint. And don’t worry, Discovery Plus isn’t going anywhere.

What’s on the Menu?

Hungry for content? Max has got you covered. All your HBO faves, DC delights, and Discovery gems will be there, along with a buffet of new originals. From Harry Potter to Gremlins, there’s something for everyone.

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Will Discovery Plus Still Stand Alone?

Yep, Discovery Plus will keep doing its thing, but now its content will moonlight on Max too.

What Happens to My HBO Max Subscription?

Your subscription will magically transform into a Max subscription, keeping all your settings and shows intact.

Is HBO Max Becoming Max?

You betcha! Say hello to Max and bid adieu to HBO Max come May 23, 2023.

Can I Still Use HBO Max?

Until May 22, 2023, HBO Max is your go-to. After that, it’s all about Max, baby!

Will My Shows Return?

Sorry, no Westworld comebacks here. But fear not, there’s plenty of new Max Originals to binge on.

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