Reality TV April: Your Must-Watch Guide

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Reality TV April: Your Must-Watch Guide. Freetz openvpn android
Reality TV April: Your Must-Watch Guide. Freetz openvpn android

Reality TV April

Ah, real life, eh? Sometimes it feels a bit meh. But, hey, that’s what reality TV is for! It’s our ticket to living the dream vicariously through the telly, watching folks navigate love, life, and everything in-between. Fancy a sneak peek at what’s going to glue us to our screens in April? Let’s dive in!

What’s Buzzing in Reality TV This April?

Welcome to Vanderpump Villa

Kicking off April: 1st
Where to watch: Hulu

Got a soft spot for Vanderpump Rules? Brace yourself; there’s more where that came from! Vanderpump Villa is hitting Hulu, and it’s all the drama you love. Picture this: Lisa Vanderpump’s crew getting up to all sorts at the stunning Chateau Rosabelle in France. Work, play, live – it’s all going down here.

Take My Tumor, Please

Release date: April 3rd
Catch it on: Discovery Plus

This one’s a bit different but equally gripping. Take My Tumor is TLC’s latest, following three heroic doctors facing down the most daunting cases of their careers. It’s real, raw, and a testament to human resilience.

The Challenge: All Stars Returns

Premiere date: April 10th
Available on: Paramount Plus

Fan of The Challenge? It’s back with a bang and a twist! Season four means everyone’s hustling for a star to keep them in the game. It’s going to be a fiery season, folks, with two episodes dropping from the get-go.

Lovers and Liars Hits the Shores

Landing on: April 11th
Where: CWFGirl Island’s got a new name but the game remains the same. Welcome to Lovers and Liars, where three lads navigate an island of 24 women, trying to suss out who’s in it for love or money.

Apartment 404: Unraveling Mysteries

Debut: April 12th
Platform: Prime Video

South Korea’s bringing us a mystery variety show with Apartment 404. With a cast including MC Yoo Jae Suk and Jennie from BLACKPINK, it promises to be a wild ride through the country’s most intriguing apartment tales.

24 in 24: Last Chef Standing

Date: April 14th
Where to watch: Max

Culinary wizards, this one’s for you. 24 in 24: Last Chef Standing pits 24 chefs against each other in a relentless 24-hour food frenzy. Who will be the last chef standing?

Conan O’Brien Must Go

Release date: April 18th
Streaming on: Max

Conan’s back, folks, but not as you know him. In Conan O’Brien Must Go, he’s hopping across the globe, from Norway to Thailand, connecting with fans and diving into new adventures.

Welcome to Wrexham

Premiere: April 18th
Platform: Hulu

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney doing football? You bet. Welcome to Wrexham tracks their journey with one of the oldest football teams around, aiming for glory against the odds.

Love During Lockup

Starts: April 19th
View on: ALLBLK

Love During Lockup returns, exploring the rollercoaster of romance behind bars. New couples, new challenges. It airs Fridays on WE TV, with streams available on ALLBLK come Tuesday.

Ugliest House in America: The Search Continues

Air date: April 22nd
Watch on: Max

Ever thought your house could use a bit of work? Ugliest House in America takes it to the next level, searching for, well, the title says it all. The winner gets a hefty makeover, so maybe it’s not so bad being ugly?

My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now?

Coming out: April 24th
Platform: Discovery Plus

Catch up with the brave souls from My 600-lb Life as they continue their weight loss journeys. It’s inspiring, emotional, and a real eye-opener.

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