USTVGO Alternatives: Top Picks for US TV Streaming in 2024

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USTVGO Alternatives: Top Picks for US TV Streaming in 2024. VPN Settings iPhone 4S
USTVGO Alternatives: Top Picks for US TV Streaming in 2024. VPN Settings iPhone 4S

Finding a gem like USTVGO used to feel like striking gold; a place where streams flowed freely, and our favourite shows were just a click away. Now that the iconic free streaming site has closed its virtual doors, you might be feeling a bit adrift in the digital sea of television. But fear not, TV enthusiasts, as we set sail to explore the seven best USTVGO alternatives that will quench your thirst for live US TV channels in 2024. Our focus keyword for this adventure is “USTVGO alternatives.”

Navigating USTVGO Alternatives

Streaming live US TV channels without the right compass can lead you into stormy waters, with malware lurking in the depths and geo-restrictions blocking the way. To safely reach our destination, let’s delve into our treasure map of legal, reliable, and safe USTVGO alternatives.

Golden Streams: Reliable Alternatives to USTVGO

YouTube TV – A Premium Experience

Boasting over 100 channels, YouTube TV is a treasure trove of news, sports, and entertainment. It’s like having a golden ticket to the most coveted content, but it’s not without its price – $72.99 per month may have you counting your doubloons. Remember, you can try before you buy with their risk-free trials, varying based on the plan you choose.

DirecTV Stream – A Bounty of Content

If you’re after a chest full of on-demand shows and movies, DirecTV Stream is your go-to vault with over 70,000 titles in crystal-clear 4K. Priced at $154.99 for the Premier plan, it could be a king’s ransom, but you can scope out a treasure map of your liking with a free trial before weighing anchor on a subscription.

Sling TV – Affordable Afloat

Sling TV is for the thrifty buccaneers. It’s an app-based alternative brimming with over 30 live TV channels. Their free version dips your feet in the water with some live TV without plundering your pockets. To expand your horizons, their paid plans still won’t require a treasure chest, but you’ll need a VPN to stream from uncharted territories.

Free Anchors: USTVGO Alternatives That Won’t Cost a Doubloon

Pluto TV – No Treasury Needed

With 250+ channels, Pluto TV is like an outpost on the high seas where no account is needed to dock. It’s a place where even without signing the captain’s log, you’ll have access to live channels like CBS, NBC, and more. While navigation might get choppy on smaller screens, it’s a small toll for access to a galleon of channels.

Plex – Your Personalized Media Deckhand

Plex isn’t just your deckhand for live channels; it’s a seasoned quartermaster organizing your media with a level of precision any captain would envy. Although the US content might not be the freshest catch, Plex is a reliable comrade in accessing entertainment across global waters.

Freevee – Stream under Amazon’s Flag

As Amazon’s ensign, Freevee lets you fly high with numerous US TV channels. Used across platforms like Fire TV and Roku, it’s a welcome haven in the US, the UK, Germany, and Austria. Keep a sharp eye for ads that might board your viewing experience, but it’s a minor nuisance for a free service.

Hulu + Live TV – Diverse Entertainment on Deck

For those willing to splice the mainbrace, Hulu + Live TV offers over 85 channels, including Disney and ESPN. While there’s no free passage with a trial, their $69.99 plan is a worthwhile voyage for comprehensive streaming, ads notwithstanding.

Charting New Waters: Broaden Your Horizon Beyond USTVGO

Even with such a bounty of USTVGO alternatives, restrictions might tether you to your home port. Want to stream freely? A VPN is the wind in your sails, camouflaging your vessel and letting you navigate through geo-blocks to enjoy live TV content.

Steer Clear of Murky Waters: Avoiding the Sirens of Unsafe Streaming

Some streaming platforms can be a siren’s song, luring you with the promise of free content only to lead you straight into the clutches of cyber-pillagers or digital diseases. To sidestep these perils, always sail with trusted services and have a sturdy VPN as your first mate for online security.

All Hands on Deck with ForestVPN

As we sail the streaming seas, a worthy VPN like ForestVPN ensures your course remains unknown to prying eyes. Its servers in the US make it a powerful ally in accessing USTVGO alternatives. Consider it your parrot, echoing back your commands with the added reassurance of solid security features, ensuring no tales of your voyages reach unwanted ears.

Why Choose USTVGO Alternatives ?

In truth, the swashbuckling days of USTVGO are behind us, but the quest for quality US TV sails on. By embracing legal and safe USTVGO alternatives, you ensure your streaming voyage is both pleasurable and free from the shackles of legal quandaries or internet nasties.

Shipmates, it’s time to hoist your Jolly Roger and embark on a journey with the USTVGO alternatives of 2024. If you want to set sail on crystal-clear streams of your beloved shows and sports, consider the alternatives charted in this guide. And should you wish to stream outside the comfort of your home waters, let ForestVPN be your compass, guiding you through the digital sea with unfettered access and ironclad security.


1. What are USTVGO alternatives?

USTVGO alternatives are streaming services that provide live US TV channels, a haven for those missing the USTVGO streaming site.

2. Why do I need a VPN for accessing USTVGO alternatives abroad?

A VPN like ForestVPN is like having a privateer’s license; it lets you pass through international waters (geo-blocks) and access US content from any port in the world.

3. Can USTVGO alternatives match the original’s treasure trove of content?

Absolutely, matey! These alternatives are like finding a new trade route rich in content; you just need to hoist your sails and explore which service is your treasure map to entertainment bliss.

VPN Settings iPhone 4S

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Step-by-Step Guide:

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  6. Enter the VPN settings information including description, server, and your login credentials.
  7. If required, enter additional settings like proxy configurations.
  8. Save the configuration.
  9. Toggle the VPN switch to ON when you want to connect.

Remember that your VPN provider, like ForestVPN, will provide you with specific details required for the setup.

Comparing Protocols:

  • IKEv2: Known for its speed and stability, particularly in switching networks.
  • IPsec: Often used for strong encryption and authentication.
  • L2TP: Paired with IPsec for added security, but slower due to double encapsulation.

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