USTVGO Alternatives for Streaming Live US TV

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Streaming has fundamentally altered our entertainment experiences, offering us a constellation of choices at our fingertips. But ever since USTVGO vanished from the virtual scene in 2023, there’s been a bit of a scramble – where do we now catch our favorite live US TV channels? You likely know the drill: endless searches lead to countless dead-ends. And we’re not even talking about the dodgy sites teeming with malware that seem to have more pop-ups than actual content.

Securing Your Stream with ForestVPN

Here’s the predicament: while there are sites proffering access to prime US channels, they often come shackled with geographical restrictions. Found an amazing platform? Too bad it throws up a blockade if you’re not in the US. Enter ForestVPN. Isn’t it nifty that a VPN can resolve these roadblocks? Imagine having a toolkit that not only unlocks content but also shrouds your online movements in secrecy. A perfect blend of utility and discretion, wouldn’t you say?

The Spectacular Seven: USTVGO Alternatives

So let’s dive into those elusive live TV platforms. These aren’t just any alternatives; they’re the cream of the crop – safe, legal, and offering that live TV goodness. It’s all about accessing diverse content, legally and safely.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV comes bragging with over 100 channels. They let you spread the joy across devices, three to be exact, all under one account. Imagine that! Each member of the house glued to their favorite sports or sitcom, without a fight for the remote. And, if you’re heading off the grid, you can download content for those no-internet zones. Sure, it’s not cheap, but freedom seldom is, right?

DirecTV Stream

Ah, DirecTV Stream, a heavyweight with 150+ channels and a bank of 70,000 shows and movies ready for your binge-watching sprees. Sports junkies, get this – there’s Pay-Per-View too. You can record, store, and stream till your couch becomes your kingdom. Pricey plans? Yes, but choices abound to suit your wallet’s weight.

Sling TV

Looking for something lighter on the wallet? Meet Sling TV. It’s all about a modest selection of 30 live TV channels, including a free stream version. The catch? Limited free channels, and a slight fumbling if you step outside the US. Remember, that’s when a VPN becomes your magic carpet, whisking you back to your home content.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV showers you with 250+ channels for the grand sum of… nothing. It’s free, with no account required. Though, if you do sign up, it rains additional perks. While the user interface might not be the sleekest, the content more than makes up for it. Access isn’t strictly US-only either – bonus points for global wanderers!


Plex, keeping it classy with an 80+ channel ensemble. Its smart organization skills handle your own media collection while also serving a dollop of intuitive interface goodness. Spot-on for those who appreciate a well-kept media library.


What’s that? Amazon’s Freevee. A home to a handful of US TV channels, without digging into your wallet. Platform availability? They’ve got it covered. Just bear with the ads; think of them as brief intermissions.

Hulu + Live TV

Finally, Hulu + Live TV. Over 85 channels, beloved mainstays, and optimized across devices like a charm. The hitch? There’s no free trial, and even the paid plans aren’t strangers to ads.

Victory with a Virtual Haven: Access Anywhere with a VPN

Life’s a journey, and your streaming should hitch a ride wherever you venture. Enter ForestVPN, your reliable companion that snugly wraps your online activities in encryption, kindling a safe haven for streaming. Say hello to your cherished US shows, regardless of your coordinates.

Wrapping Up the Stream Quest

To sum it up, life without USTVGO is far from a TV apocalypse. There’s a roster of robust platforms waiting to be your next entertainment sanctuary. Be it the expansive libraries of YouTube TV and DirecTV Stream or the wallet-friendly realms of Sling TV and Freevee, each has a charm of its own. With ForestVPN, every limitation dissolves, delivering every show, every movie straight to your screen. Now, isn’t that a happy ending worth tuning in for?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes ForestVPN crucial for streaming live US TV?
    With ForestVPN, geography is no barrier. It ensures your streaming rendezvous is borderless, equipping you with a US IP address to unlock content globally while keeping you cloaked from prying virtual eyes.
  • Are there any completely free USTVGO alternatives out there?
    Quite a few, actually! Pluto TV and Plex stand tall as credible, no-cost havens for live US TV, while others like Freevee add to the freemium mix. Remember, ‘free’ often invites ads to the party, so grab some patience along with the popcorn.
  • Can I trust these USTVGO alternatives with my privacy?

With legit platforms like those we’ve mentioned, privacy invasions aren’t on the guest list. Indulge with peace of mind, knowing your streaming sessions are legal and above board, especially when combined with a VPN shield like ForestVPN.

Vpn Settings iPhone 4S

To set up a VPN on your iPhone 4S, you’ll need to follow these straightforward steps:

VPN Configuration Steps:

  1. Open Settings: Go to your iPhone’s main settings and scroll down to tap on ‘General’.
  2. VPN Access: Within General settings, you’ll find the ‘VPN’ section—tap to enter it.
  3. Add VPN Configuration: Tap ‘Add VPN Configuration…’ to start the setup process.
  4. VPN Type: Select the type of VPN protocol you wish to use. Your choices may include IKEv2, IPSec, or L2TP.
  5. Enter VPN Details: Fill in the description, server, remote ID, and local ID as provided by ForestVPN.
  6. Authentication: Enter your ForestVPN username and password.
  7. Save: Once all the fields are correctly filled, save the configuration by tapping ‘Done’.

Ensuring a Secure Connection:

  • Activate the VPN: Toggle the VPN switch to ‘on’ within the VPN settings or from the main settings menu to connect.
  • Connection Verification: Check for the VPN icon in the status bar to confirm active protection.

ForestVPN provides a reliable and easy solution to maintain your privacy and security online. Not only does it encrypt your internet traffic, but it also hides your IP address, ensuring your digital presence is protected from prying eyes.

ForestVPN: Your Ultimate Privacy Partner

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