Block Safari Ads with ForestVPN Today

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Hey there, digital adventurers! Are you tired of ads cluttering your Safari browsing experience like unwelcome guests at a party? You’re not alone. We all crave that serene, ad-free digital space where we can surf the web without constant interruptions. But how do you kick those pesky ads to the curb? Don’t worry; I’m here to guide you through the urban jungle of the internet with some savvy tips on blocking ads in Safari. So, let’s jazz up your browsing experience, shall we?

Why Should You Block Ads in Safari?

Think about ads as the buzzing flies of the internet. They’re not just annoying; they can also suck up your data and compromise your privacy. Plus, nobody likes a slow-loading website, right? By blocking ads, you not only get a cleaner and faster browsing experience but also enhance the privacy and security of your digital life.

Tweaking Safari Preferences to Block Unwanted Guests
Let’s start with the basics – Safari has some built-in tools to help combat ads. On your Mac:

  1. Launch Safari and head over to the Preferences.
  2. Click on the “Websites” tab and select “Pop-up Windows”.
  3. Adjust the settings to ‘Block and Notify’ or just ‘Block’ to keep those pop-ups at bay.

For you on-the-go surfers using iPhones or iPads:

  1. Pop open the Settings app, tap ‘Safari’, and toggle on ‘Block Pop-ups’.

Sweet and simple, right?

Switching to Reader Mode: A Peaceful Reading Oasis

Reader Mode is like a secluded beach — no ads, no clutter, just the content you came for. Activate this mode for a peaceful reading session:

  1. Click the little reader icon in the address bar, or
  2. Go into Safari’s Settings and enable the ‘Use Reader Automatically’ option to apply Reader Mode to all websites that support it.

Invest in an Ad Blocker: Your Personal Bouncer

There’s a bouncer in town and its name is Ad Blocker. These handy tools can keep those unruly ads from crashing your browsing party. However, choose wisely, as some ad blockers are like wolves in sheep’s clothing, ready to compromise your privacy.

ForestVPN: The VIP Pass to an Enhanced Browsing Experience

Now, for those looking to not only block ads but also to encrypt their digital trek, ForestVPN is your VIP pass. This trusty tool doesn’t just block ads; it also masks your IP and secures your connection – especially on dubious Wi-Fi networks. It’s like having a personal bodyguard for your data!

Here’s How You Can Start Packing with ForestVPN:

  1. Sign up and suit up with your chosen ForestVPN plan.
  2. Get the app on your device, no matter if it’s a Mac, iPhone, or iPad.
  3. Launch the app, toggle on the ‘Block Ads’ feature, and voila! You’re now browsing in stealth mode.

Give ForestVPN a whirl, and say goodbye to those pesky ads. With a 30-day money-back guarantee, your journey to a safer, ad-free digital world is risk-free!


  • How do I swat away Safari pop-up ads?
    1. Dig into Safari Preferences to stop all pop-ups.
    2. Tap into Reader Mode’s tranquility.
    3. Appoint a trusty ad blocker.
    4. Call on ForestVPN for ultimate protection.
  • Can my iPhone join the ad-blocking party?
    Absolutely! Utilize Safari’s settings or invite ForestVPN to the mix for a double whammy of ad-blocking and enhanced security.
  • How do I equip my Safari Mac with an ad blocker shield?

Head over to the App Store to arm yourself with an ad blocker. But don’t forget, for the complete security ensemble, pair it with ForestVPN.

Ready to transform your online experience? Let ForestVPN be your guide in the quest for a peaceful and secure digital universe. Say goodbye to ad-infested pages and hello to seamless browsing. Check out ForestVPN at and embark on your ad-free adventure today!