DeleteMe Service: Your Solution to Online Privacy

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Let’s get straight into this – you might not realize it, but your personal details are strewn across the internet like breadcrumbs. We’re not just talking about social media profiles here, but potentially sensitive information that data brokers collect, package, and sell without batting an eye. This is where ForestVPN enters the picture, but we’ll touch on that later.

Tackling the Data Broker Dilemma: Is There a Solution?

Essentially, we’re up against an invisible army of data brokers. These folks are not necessarily the bad guys; they’re just part of an ecosystem making a living from compiling public and not-so-public information which then ends up in unexpected places. Savvy marketers and, let’s face it, potentially less savory characters, can access personal details you didn’t even remember sharing. Enter DeleteMe – a service waving the flag for personal privacy.

What Exactly Does DeleteMe Do?

DeleteMe’s primary objective is simple – to purge your personal information from the public domain. The service isn’t just some automated bot sending out sternly worded emails. It’s well-versed in the legalities that protect personal data, like CCPA, PIPEDA, and GDPR, and uses them to request that your data be scrubbed clean from the records of data brokers.

Scope and Coverage

DeleteMe covers a broad range of data brokers – over 750 – and they’re not just any random Joe with a database, but companies specializing in background checks, search engines, and both business and individual listings.

International Users, Rejoice!

While it started off focusing on U.S. residents, DeleteMe has spread its wings globally. This means a larger demographic can now utilize its services to enhance their privacy.

The Test Run

So, what happens after you sign up with DeleteMe? You start seeing results within a week – your first report lands in your inbox, and the service doesn’t stop there. Every three months, you’ll get a nudge, a little heads-up, ensuring no new profile of you has magically appeared anywhere.

DeleteMe Lite

You could take their free scan for a spin too. Granted, it’s limited to about 40 data brokers and doesn’t actually excise your data, but it gives you a taste of what could be out there.

Getting Personal

When signing up, DeleteMe asks for a fair chunk of your details. It feels counterintuitive, doesn’t it – handing over personal info in the quest for privacy. Nonetheless, this data is essential for DeleteMe to do a thorough sweep.

Privacy in Focus

Now, about that sensitive info you’re giving – DeleteMe has a clear-cut privacy policy detailing the use of data collected. While they do share necessary details with brokers for the sake of removing your information, they have strict rules against third-party sharing without your knowledge.

So, Is It Worth the Dough?

This is where ForestVPN comes back into the conversation. They, like DeleteMe, value your privacy. But while ForestVPN shields your browsing activities and IP address behind encryption walls, DeleteMe works to clean up your digital footprint. Think of ForestVPN as your cloak of invisibility and DeleteMe as your digital cleanup crew.

The Verdict on DeleteMe

After taking a deep dive into DeleteMe’s service, it’s fair to say it offers a comprehensive solution to the online privacy puzzle. You might cringe at the thought of parting with so much personal info, but it’s all part of the process towards a cleaner, less public digital you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is DeleteMe legitimate?
    • Yes, it has a track record of enhancing user privacy through robust data cleaning processes.
  • Is my information safe with DeleteMe?
    • Absolutely, DeleteMe sticks to strict security protocols and is transparent about what happens with your data.
  • How effective is DeleteMe?
  • Quite effective! It streamlines the daunting task of reaching out to various data brokers and ensures continual checking of your data.

So, why not give it a whirl and see what kind of digital footprint you’ve left in your cyber wanderings? And if you’re keen on further safeguarding your online activities, consider pairing it with ForestVPN for that added layer of security. It’s a match made in privacy heaven.

Have a go, share your experience with friends, or add to the conversation by dropping a comment below. Remember, when it comes to online privacy, it’s a jungle out there, and we could all use a bit of help!

Site-To-Site IPSec VPN Cisco Router

Site-to-site IPSec VPNs enable secure connections between separate office locations through the internet, making it seem as though they are on the same internal network. Configuring a site-to-site IPSec VPN on a Cisco router involves several steps:


  • Compatible Cisco routers at each site.
  • Internet connectivity for both routers.
  • Knowledge of each site’s local subnet and the public IP addresses.
  • Configuring IKE (Internet Key Exchange) policies.
  • Establishing IPsec security associations.

Configuration Steps

  1. Define IKE Policy: Set the encryption, hash, authentication, and key exchange methods.
  2. Specify the ISAKMP (IKEv1) Policy: This establishes the security parameters for the VPN.
  3. Configure IPsec Transform Set: This determines how data will be encrypted and authenticated within the IPsec tunnel.
  4. Create ACLs (Access Control Lists): These define which traffic can enter the VPN.
  5. Establish Crypto Map: Ties the IKE policies and IPsec transforms to the traffic specified in ACLs.
  6. Apply Crypto Map: Apply the crypto map to the outgoing interface, normally the WAN or internet-facing interface.

Remember to test your VPN tunnel thoroughly to ensure that traffic is properly secured and routed between your sites.

If you are looking to secure individual devices or need a simpler VPN solution, consider ForestVPN. With ForestVPN, you can ensure your data stays encrypted irrespective of the device or location. It offers an easy to use interface and strong security features without compromising on speed or performance.

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