Unknown Calls: How to Identify & Block Scams

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Unknown Calls: How to Identify & Block Scams. 50Vpn android
Unknown Calls: How to Identify & Block Scams. 50Vpn android

Navigating the Maze of Unknown Calls: A Comprehensive Guide

In today’s digital age, receiving calls from unknown numbers has become a common occurrence. While some may view these calls as harmless, the reality is far more complex. Unknown calls can range from benign missed connections to nefarious scams, making it crucial to navigate these waters with care. Our guide delves into the intricacies of managing unknown calls, ensuring your security and peace of mind.

Understanding the Risks of Unknown Calls

Unknown calls are not just a minor inconvenience; they are a significant security concern. The spectrum of these calls includes everything from simple telemarketing attempts to sophisticated scams designed to defraud individuals. One prevalent risk is the validation of your contact number. Answering a call from an unknown number confirms its active use, potentially increasing the volume of unwanted calls.

Moreover, scams exploiting the callback mechanism can lead to exorbitant charges, as highlighted by the Federal Communications Commission’s warnings against returning calls to unfamiliar numbers. Despite research from the Robocall Observatory at North Carolina State University suggesting that answering calls does not affect their frequency, the potential risks to privacy and personal data cannot be ignored.

Safeguarding Against Unknown Callers

Utilizing Caller ID and Spam Detection Features

Modern smartphones are equipped with advanced features designed to identify and flag potential spam calls. These technologies assess incoming calls against vast databases of known scam numbers, providing users with real-time warnings.

Strategies for Handling Unknown Calls

  1. Beware of International Country Codes: Unless expecting a call from abroad, treat calls with international country codes with suspicion, as they are often linked to scams.
  2. Silent Response Technique: When receiving a call from an unknown number, remain silent initially. This approach can deter robocalls, which typically wait for vocal confirmation before proceeding with their programmed message.
  3. Informed Decision-Making: In situations where missing a call could have serious implications, such as during a hiking trip, answering unknown calls becomes advisable. As the incident with the lost hiker in Colorado illustrates, there are exceptions to the rule.

Proactive Measures

  • Call Return Options: In the U.S., dialing *69 can reveal the number of the last incoming call, offering a potential way to identify unknown callers without direct engagement.
  • Utilizing Third-Party Applications: Several reputable apps offer services to unmask the identity of unknown callers. Prioritize apps with positive reviews and download them from trusted sources to minimize risk.

Understanding Caller ID Display Mechanisms

“Unknown caller” alerts occur when the incoming call’s number cannot be identified due to various factors, including privacy services subscribed to by the caller. In the U.S., dialing *67 before making a call is a common method for individuals to conceal their phone number.


Navigating the complex landscape of unknown calls requires a balanced approach, blending caution with awareness. By understanding the risks, employing technology to your advantage, and adopting practical strategies for managing these calls, you can protect your privacy and reduce the likelihood of falling prey to scams. Remember, while some unknown calls may be harmless, the potential for fraud and harassment necessitates a vigilant and informed response.

By adhering to the guidelines and strategies outlined in our comprehensive guide, you can navigate the maze of unknown calls with confidence, ensuring your security in the digital age.


Can I find out who called from an unknown number?

Identifying the source of an unknown call can be challenging but not impossible. You can request call logs from your service provider, which might reveal the number. Additionally, using *69 in the U.S. allows you to call back the last number that called you, potentially identifying the caller. Third-party apps offer more sophisticated caller ID features, though their effectiveness varies and depends on the app’s database and technology.

What should I do if I receive a call from an unknown number?

If you receive a call from an unknown number, it’s generally safest not to answer initially. Use your phone’s built-in caller ID and spam detection features to assess the call. If the call is flagged as potential spam or remains unidentified, and you weren’t expecting any important calls, it’s prudent to ignore it. If you accidentally or intentionally answer and suspect it’s a scam, hang up immediately without providing any personal information.

How can I stop getting calls from unknown numbers?

To reduce the number of unknown calls you receive, start by activating any spam detection and blocking features on your smartphone. Registering your phone number with national do-not-call lists can also help decrease telemarketing calls. For more persistent issues, consider installing a reputable third-party app designed to block unknown and spam calls. Always ensure these apps are downloaded from legitimate sources to avoid compromising your phone’s security.

Are there any risks in answering calls from unknown numbers?

Answering calls from unknown numbers can pose several risks, including exposure to scams. Scammers use various tactics to extract personal information or money from their targets. Moreover, simply answering a call can indicate to spammers that your phone number is active, potentially leading to more unwanted calls. However, answering unknown calls poses minimal risk to your privacy and personal data in terms of technical security, as long as you do not divulge sensitive information.

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