The VPN white label solution

Give your business the tools to evolve in next generation technology by partnering with ForestVPN.

Why partner with us?

Next generation leader

Take advantage of our unique features: highest energy efficiency in the VPN market, reliability and peer to peer connections.

Ultimate privacy

Our company was founded by a team of talented cyber security network engineering experts to truly create a private and secure internet.


We make customization easy. Use the most current and advanced industry tools to give your business the next generation edge. By partnering with us, you’re partnering with the future.

Flexible pricing

ForestVPN offers a flexible pricing model suited to your needs. Integrate easily with Google and Facebook advertising. Stand out by using our Freemium trial model to attract new traffic.

Easy implementation

Forest VPN SaaS integration can happen in just a matter of days under the guidance of our experienced engineers.

Dedicated account manager

Our advanced infrastructure has considerably reduced the usual technical issues of the past. But should anything come up, a dedicated account manager will be there for you.

Our advanced infrastructure in numbers


Servers in more than 35 countries


Technical support

1+ Tbps

Network capacity


Guaranteed uptime

Control panel

ForestVPN’s dashboard enables you to manage every user account and feature from one centralized control panel.


Customize app templates for all major platforms to your brand guidelines.

Well developed SDK

Build your own VPN software effortlessly using our well-documented development kits.


We provide VPN client and platform REST APIs to suit your specific needs.

Proxy browser extensions

Customize the templates for proxy browser extensions to fit your brand.

Modern tunneling protocols

WireGuard, OpenVPN, IKEv2/IPSec, and HTTP(s) proxy encryption protocols at your fingertips.

Give your users a next generation experience

Modern encryption

ForestVPN uses state of the art cryptography to protect users’ data to and from their devices.

No-logs policy

ForestVPN doesn’t store any connection and activity logs, ensuring no user can be matched to specific network activity or behavior.

Energy efficiency

ForestVPN was designed to have the least impact on device power systems compared with other popular VPNs.

Lightning speed

Give your clients the high performance they expect without sacrificing privacy and security.

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