About us

ForestVPN is building a virtual private network service (VPN) for access to public networks and resources in a secure and efficient way.

Who we are

We like tea, reading, football, swimming, drawing pictures, climbing rocks, skiing, Monopoly Deal, walking on the beach, parakeets, cats, dogs, checking restaurant health scores, and much more.

What we do

We are building a secure, easy-to-use VPN app for every major platform and solutions for all your favorite devices: iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, and Routers.

Why it matters

We are reviving the original idea of the Internet – freedom of sharing and obtaining information.

Our team

George K.

Founder & CTO

Stanislav I.

Flutter Engineer

Rostislav K.

JS Engineer

Ilya B.

Python/Go Engineer

Buned K.

Python Engineer

Azat K.

JS Engineer

Anton A.

Java Engineer

Anatolio N.

Python/Go Engineer

Artem K.

Flutter Engineer

Alexander L.

Python Engineer

Paul K.

QA Engineer

Yuri V.

Art Director

Vadim B.

UX/UI Designer

Nikita K.

UX/UI Designer

Alexandra S.

Data Scientist

Natasha G.

Product Manager

Oksana O.


Luba V.


Join the team

We value active thinking, quality, humility, product, efficiency, and being super helpful.

Unique differences to be at your best

ForestVPN brings something very special to your device and cares about power consumption and maintains reliable connections while moving in and out of different networks without downtime.

Energy efficient, keeping your device cool

ForestVPN keeps your device cool by using 6.5 times LESS battery than well-known competitors.

Reliable connection

ForestVPN maintains a seamless connection as you move in and out of different networks.

Peer to Peer connections

ForestVPN organizes P2P connections between your friends devices. It’s like connecting 2 computers on the same network, in the same room but without a remote server in between.

Our company in numbers

Freedom is doing what you like.






In all locations

When I need to call my friends from Russia and it has to be private – I use ForestVPN.

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