Earn with unused Phone resources

Earn with unused Phone (iPhone and Android) resources while it’s charging.

Sign up in the early access program, get into the quota and enjoy a lifetime reduced payment fee of 4.99% instead of 15%.

*One time payment. Registration is limited by quota. Once the quota is full, the Get Early Access button will disappear, read more.

It’s not called a smartphone for nothing.

Did you know your smartphone is MILLIONS of times more powerful than the computers that guided the first astronauts to the moon? All of that CPU and GPU potential sitting right there in the palm of your hand!

What to do with it? Make another TikTok video hoping to get famous? Maybe. But why not put that little supercomputer to good use and start mining some crypto or sell unused resources to companies that are engaged in the research of cancer cells or the human genome?

That’s right. Distributed computing and crypto-mining.

It’s safe, secure and super easy. All you need to do to get started is select the crypto-mining or distributed computing option in the ForestVPN app and choose how much of your phone’s power you want to dedicate to it.

Done. We take it from there.

Nothing else to download or link to. And don’t worry about overheating or performance problems. Our AI-based algorithm will make sure you won’t have any. Just plug your phone in the charger and go to bed.  


Join us in the pool.  No, not the swimming pool, which is cool too. We’re talking about the mining pool. But like all pools, there’s limited capacity so dive in before it closes. Each country has a specific quota for a number of users, once it will finish the Get Early Access button will disappear.

*One time payment.


Distribution Pool

March of 2022

Pool development. We are focusing on pool development that will distribute mining/compute jobs across connected devices around the world.

Mobile App

April of 2022

Mobile app feature development. The client application will connect to the pool and receive distribution chunks of jobs and utilize CPU and GPU power.

Pay Out

May of 2022

Crypto wallet integration and internal testing. We will focus on integration with different crypto-wallets and payment gateways that enable us to pay you out for mined cryptos, either to your crypto-wallet or your payment card (Visa/MasterCard/etc).

Early Access

December of 2022

Opening access to users who joined us in the early access program and start testing for 8 months.

*One time payment. Registration is limited by quota. Once the quota is full, the Get Early Access button will disappear, read more.

Public Launch

August of 2024

Opening access to all users around the world to join ForestVPN’s distribution network computing and get started mining with us.


What benefits will the early access program give me?

You will get a lifetime reduced payout fee of 4.99% instead of 15% and early access to the mining feature on your phone.

How do I get paid? Do I need a crypto-wallet?

Payment can be received by either linking your card directly to the app or by choosing one of the following crypto-wallets: bitcoin, ethereum, tether, solana, terra, shiba, polygon, cardano, dogecoin.

How long does it take to convert crypto to currency?

Immediately. But keep in mind that you must reach a $10 threshold before ordering a payout.

How much money can I make using my Android phone?

It depends on average resources your device can dedicate to mining.  Generally $10-50 if you mine crypto all night for approximately 9 hours.

Does it cost anything to use the mining feature?

It’s free.  Early access $4.99  But if you share the referral link and someone signs up, you get a 50% cash-back refund to your bank or credit card.

Are there any transaction fees on the payout?

Yes. The payout transaction fee is 15%. However, if you sign up for early access and pay $4.99 you will qualify for a lifetime reduced fee of 4.99%.

Is the fee for the early access program refundable?

No. The fee for the Early Access Program is not refundable. But if you will decide to cancel we will provide 3-months of Premium access to our VPN service which is loved by thousands of customers.

Don’t miss out.

The early access program has quotas for each country, once the quota is full, the Get Early Access button will disappear for new registration.

*One time payment. Registration is limited by quota. Once the quota is full, the Get Early Access button will disappear, read more.