Blocking YouTube Shorts on Your Kids’ Phone: A Parent’s Guide

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Today, we address a common concern among parents: How can we blocking YouTube Shorts on our kids’ Android phones? Let’s navigate this digital terrain together and find effective solutions.

Understanding the Issue

YouTube Shorts, akin to TikTok videos, captivate attention with their addictive and provocative nature. However, they often lack substantial content compared to traditional YouTube videos. Unfortunately, YouTube promotes Shorts prominently, making it challenging for parents to regulate their children’s screen time effectively.

Navigating the Short Circuit

Avoiding Shorts on Desktop

  • Browser Extensions: Install extensions like Hide YouTube Shorts for Chrome to block Shorts on desktop browsers effectively.
  • Disabling Shorts Shelf: Temporarily disable Shorts from your YouTube home page for 30 days by selecting the “X” icon next to the Shorts section.

Managing Shorts on Android

  • Reverting to Older Versions: Though not recommended due to security risks, some parents may opt for older YouTube versions without Shorts.
  • Using YouTube ReVanced: Explore alternatives like YouTube ReVanced, but exercise caution and research thoroughly before installation.

Protecting Your Child’s YouTube Experience

Blocking YouTube Shorts

While existing methods have limitations, consider blocking YouTube entirely using Family Link for Android or Screen Time for iPhones. These measures ensure comprehensive control over your child’s YouTube usage.

Exploring Parental Controls

  • YouTube Kids: Tailor your child’s viewing experience by setting age ranges, blocking specific channels, or handpicking approved content.
  • Supervised Experience: For teenagers, supervised accounts offer more nuanced control over viewing preferences and recommendations.

The Digital Parenting Dilemma

In today’s digital landscape, parenting comes with unique challenges. While open dialogue remains crucial, platforms like YouTube must provide more user options, including the ability to disable Shorts.

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Q: How can I ensure my child’s safety while browsing YouTube?
A: Utilize parental controls and VPN services like ForestVPN to monitor and safeguard your child’s online activities effectively.

Q: Are there any risks associated with using YouTube proxies?
A: While proxies can offer access to blocked content, exercise caution and choose reputable providers like ForestVPN to mitigate security risks.

Q: What steps can I take to promote healthy screen time habits for my child
A: Encourage balanced screen time, engage in open discussions about digital wellness, and utilize tools like ForestVPN to manage online access responsibly.