Breaking Up in the Digital Age: Tips to Sever Your Digital Ties

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Breakups are tough, we get it. Most advice out there focuses on the emotional aftermath of parting ways with a loved one. But what about those pesky digital connections that linger long after the breakup? We’re talking about shared Netflix accounts, joint device passwords, and all those other digital threads that bind couples together. It might seem extreme, but cutting these ties could actually help you move on faster. Think about it: if you’re not sharing accounts or snooping on your ex’s digital life, you’re less likely to get stuck in unhealthy patterns. Surprised? You’re not alone. A recent survey found that a significant portion of Americans admitted to using apps to keep tabs on their exes. Scary, right?


Why Severing Digital Ties Matters

Let’s delve into why it’s essential to sever these digital connections pronto. Firstly, it’s about reclaiming your privacy and autonomy. By untangling yourself from shared accounts and devices, you’re taking back control of your digital space. Plus, it’s a proactive step towards emotional healing. Constantly seeing reminders of your ex on shared platforms can reopen old wounds and hinder your ability to move on. So, what can you do to break free from these digital shackles? We’ve got you covered with some practical tips.

Tips to Sever Your Digital Ties

1. Disable GPS Tracking Software

If you’ve ever shared a phone plan with your ex, chances are your location is still being tracked. Take control by closing or transferring ownership of the account. And don’t forget about other tracking devices like Apple’s AirTags—unlink them from your devices to prevent unwanted surveillance.

2. Change Your Passwords

It’s astonishing how many couples share passwords without a second thought. After a breakup, reset all your passwords and enable two-factor authentication for added security. This simple step can safeguard your personal data from prying eyes.

3. Reset Smart Devices

Do you have smart devices like speakers or thermostats that were once shared? Give them a fresh start by resetting them to factory settings. This ensures that your ex no longer has access to your home network or any connected devices.

4. Unlink Shared Accounts

Platforms like Spotify and Netflix offer family plans that make sharing subscriptions easy. But after a breakup, it’s time to cut the cord. Remove your ex from any shared accounts to protect your privacy and avoid awkward encounters with your listening history.

5. Wipe Your Search History

Shared devices often mean shared browsing history. Clear your search history and remove any saved passwords to prevent your ex from accessing your personal information. It’s a small but important step in reclaiming your digital privacy.


1. Can’t I just change my passwords and call it a day? While changing your passwords is a good start, it’s essential to consider all aspects of your digital footprint, including shared accounts and devices.

2. What if my ex refuses to unlink shared accounts? If your ex is unwilling to cooperate, consider reaching out to customer support for assistance. Most platforms have protocols in place for situations like these.

3. How do I know if my devices are still linked to my ex’s accounts? Check the settings on your devices and online accounts to see if your ex still has access. If you’re unsure, it’s better to err on the side of caution and reset everything.

4. What if I accidentally delete something important while clearing my search history? Before wiping your search history, make sure to back up any essential files or documents to avoid losing valuable data.

5. Is it really necessary to reset smart devices? While it may seem like a hassle, resetting smart devices is crucial for ensuring that your ex no longer has access to your home network or any connected devices.

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