How to Easily Delete Your ForestVPN Account

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How to Easily Delete Your ForestVPN Account. Delete domains by proxy account
How to Easily Delete Your ForestVPN Account. Delete domains by proxy account

Hey there! So, you’re thinking about breaking up with ForestVPN? Whether you’re just tidying up your digital life or moving on to new adventures, we’ve got your back though it hurts us to let you go. Let’s walk through the ins and outs of how to part ways with your ForestVPN account, shall we? It’s easier than you think, and we promise to keep it light and breezy.

Before You Break Up: A Quick Check

Before you hit the big red button and sadly part ways with up, there’s a little housekeeping to do. Got an active subscription? You’ll want to cancel that first to avoid any awkward post-breakup charges. Remember, cancelling your active subscription means saying goodbye to any time left on it. But hey, sometimes it’s just time to move on, right?

How to Cancel Your Subscription

  1. Open the ForestVPN app: Yep, right where all those secure browsing sessions started.
  2. Head to Options > Account: This is where the magic happens.
  3. Choose to End the Subscription: Confirm it, and you’re one step closer to freedom.

The Breakup Process

Feeling ready? Let’s get down to it. With ForestVPN, you’ve got two ways to wave goodbye. Choose your path and let’s journey through it together.

Option 1: Through the ForestVPN iOS App

If you’re an Apple aficionado, this one’s for you.

If You’re Still Subscribed:

  1. Tap on Options > Account: Easy peasy.
  2. Select ‘Delete your account’: Deep breath, and go for it.
  3. Confirm with ‘Yes, Delete My Account’: No turning back now!
  4. Hit ‘Done’: And exhale. You did it.

Subscription Expired? No Problem:

  1. On the ‘Subscription Expired’ screen, tap ‘Delete your account’: Right there in front of you.
  2. Yes, Delete My Account > Done: And just like that, you’re free.

Option 2: The Email Route

More of a behind-the-scenes type? We’ve got you.

  1. Send an email: Use the one linked to your ForestVPN account and shoot a message over to our support team. They’re ready and waiting to help you through this.

Need Help?

Stuck or just need a shoulder to lean on? Our ForestVPN Support Team is here for you, any time of day.

After the Breakup

It’s done. How do you feel? Remember, it’s okay to change your mind. ForestVPN will always welcome you back with open arms. But for now, enjoy your newfound digital freedom and the adventures that await.

In Summary

Breaking up with us is as simple as following a few steps, whether directly through the app or via email. Just remember to cancel any active subscriptions first to avoid unexpected surprises.

FAQs: Let’s Clear Things Up

Nope, you'll need to cancel the subscription first, or it's like saying goodbye without really leaving.


We respect your privacy. Once you're gone, your data is wiped clean.


Follow our guide above, and you'll find the email option is your web-based friend.


We're always here. New beginnings are just a subscription away.

Delete domains by proxy account

🗒️ Answer

To delete a Domains by Proxy account, you typically need to contact their customer support directly as the process can vary based on your specific circumstances and the services you have used. Domains by Proxy, being a privacy service offered by domain registrars to hide your personal information from the public WHOIS database, requires careful handling of account deletion to ensure your domains remain secure and your privacy is maintained. Here are the general steps you might follow, but remember, each situation can be unique:

  1. Log into your account where you manage your domain(s) with Domains by Proxy.
  2. Look for account settings or privacy settings where Domains by Proxy services are managed.
  3. Search for options to manage or cancel your privacy services. If directly deleting the account isn’t straightforward, you might need to cancel or modify the services first.
  4. Contact customer support if you cannot find a way to delete your account through the dashboard. Use the contact form or email provided on their website. Be clear that you wish to delete your Domains by Proxy account and include any relevant account information in your communication, but avoid sharing sensitive information like passwords.

Note: Deleting your Domains by Proxy account could expose your personal information via the WHOIS database, depending on how your domain is registered. Consider the privacy implications before proceeding.

If you’re moving on from Domains by Proxy because you’re seeking a more secure or private way to manage your online presence, consider exploring what ForestVPN offers. Our commitment to privacy extends beyond just browsing; we aim to provide comprehensive solutions for your digital life. Check us out at and see how we can enhance your online security and privacy today.

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