Enhancing Privacy and Security for Activists: 3 Key Steps

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Enhancing Privacy and Security for Activists: 3 Key Steps. Openvpn setup private internet access
Enhancing Privacy and Security for Activists: 3 Key Steps. Openvpn setup private internet access

The harrowing decline of press liberties, the growing constraints on internet access, the concerted efforts to undercut encryption, and an array of other indicative signs all converge towards a burgeoning truth: Governmental establishments are becoming increasingly adept at subverting the unalienable rights of freedom of speech, privacy, and security of citizens.

Outlined below are the three paramount measures that every activist should implement to fortify their defenses in the digital realm.

Revamp your approach towards technology

Undoubtedly, the most crucial aspect I’d emphasize is the necessity to revamp your approach towards technology. The landscape of technology has significantly evolved over the last decade, with an exponential growth in available information. Consequently, we are constantly contributing to this accumulation of data.

However, this raises concerns about our digital footprint, as we inadvertently leave traces of our activities all over the digital sphere. Hence, it is of paramount importance that we focus on minimizing the amount of information we disseminate online and work diligently to curb the expansiveness of our digital footprint.

Take on the responsibility of educating those in your circle.

It’s an insufficient measure to only ensure your communication security while those around you remain vulnerable. This is because these individuals can inadvertently become conduits for information leaks.

This includes every individual in your immediate and extended network – your family, your coworkers, and your partner. They must be acquainted with the core principles of digital security, and beyond that, they must understand how to effectively implement these strategies in their daily lives.

Revitalize every aspect

Emphasize not only on refurbishing your programming skills but also on elevating your knowledge. The digital era of technology is emerging and transforming at a rapid pace daily. It’s imperative that we adapt to this change and continually refresh our understanding, making it a routine to update ourselves, preferably weekly, on these advancements.

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