How to Erase Your Netflix Viewing History

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Netflix, the beloved streaming service, keeps track of your viewing history. While this can be handy for recommendations and picking up where you left off, sometimes you want to keep your binge-watching habits private. Whether you’re hiding your guilty pleasures or just keeping things discreet, we’ve got you covered on how to erase your Netflix history.

Why Consider Erasing Your Netflix History?

Your Netflix history is like a digital footprint of your entertainment choices. It’s not just about privacy; it’s about control. Here’s why you might want to hit the delete button:

1) Privacy Concerns

Perhaps you’re sharing your account with family or friends, or you’re on a date night and don’t want your viewing history on display. Deleting your history keeps your Netflix sessions personal.

2) Algorithm Anxieties

Netflix uses your history to suggest new shows and movies. But what if you’re tired of its recommendations? Clearing your history means you won’t be influenced by past choices, giving you a fresh slate.

3) Selective Viewing

Maybe you’re in the mood for a genre shift, and you want Netflix to get the memo. By removing specific shows or movies from your history, you can guide the algorithm towards the content you truly want to see.

4) Shared Account Cleanup

If someone else has been using your account, wiping the slate clean can help you reclaim your viewing preferences and recommendations.

What Happens When You Delete Your Netflix History?

Deleting your Netflix history isn’t just about erasing past viewings; it’s about reshaping your streaming experience.

Immediate Removal

Once you delete a show or movie, it disappears from your viewing activity and the “Continue Watching” section. No more reminders of that guilty pleasure reality show.

Recommendation Reset

By removing items, you’re telling Netflix to refresh its suggestions. Say goodbye to unwanted recommendations based on past choices.

Cross-Device Synchronization

Deleting history on one device syncs the changes across all your Netflix platforms. It’s a one-stop solution to clean up your profile.

Irreversible Action

Once deleted, your history is gone for good. There’s no turning back, so choose wisely before hitting that delete button.

How to Delete Your Netflix History

Ready to take control of your Netflix account? Here’s how to wipe the slate clean:

On Computer

  • Remove Individually: Hover over the show or movie in the “Continue Watching” section and click the remove icon.
  • Clear Entire History: Visit your account settings, click on your profile, and navigate to “Viewing activity.” From there, remove individual entries or hide all.

On Mobile

  • Single Deletions: Tap the three-dot icon under the show or movie in the “Continue Watching” section and select “Remove From Row.”
  • Full Cleanup: Access your account settings and clear your history item by item.


Q: Can I erase my entire Netflix history?
A: Yes, you can. Access your account settings on the web version to clear your entire viewing activity.

Q: Does erasing my Netflix history affect recommendations?
A: Absolutely. Deleting your history tells Netflix to rethink its recommendations, offering you a fresh batch of suggestions.

Q: Will deleted items reappear in my history?
A: Nope. Once gone, they’re gone for good. Your history stays clean unless you choose to add new entries.

Q: Can I erase my Netflix history on smart TVs?
A: Yes, you can. Look for the “Remove From Continue Watching” option when viewing a show or movie.

Q: How long does it take for changes to reflect?
A: Changes should appear immediately in the “Continue Watching” section, but it may take up to 24 hours for recommendations to update.

Wrapping Up

Your Netflix history is yours to control. Whether you’re safeguarding your privacy or refining your viewing experience, deleting your history puts you in the driver’s seat. Take charge today and curate your streaming journey with ForestVPN.

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