Exploring 7 New Social Media Apps: What Makes Them Stand Out

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In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, innovation is the name of the game. Every year, a fresh wave of apps emerges, aiming to challenge the dominance of platforms like Instagram and Twitter. While many fade into obscurity, a select few carve a niche for themselves. Join us as we exploring 7 new social media apps, each bringing something unique to the table.

BeReal: Capturing Moments, Rejecting Filters

Who should try it? People who love their friends, not curated content

Price: Free
Year launched: 2020
Number of users: 73.5 million worldwide
Available on: Download BeReal for Android and iOS

Embracing authenticity, BeReal rejects the glossy facade of social media. Users receive a daily notification, prompting them to capture a moment with two photos: a selfie and a front-facing shot. No filters allowed—just raw, unedited glimpses into daily life. Launched in 2020, BeReal gained traction in a time when heavily edited content was losing its charm. With over 10 million daily users as of February 2023, BeReal has carved its niche in the social media landscape.

Bondee: Avatars and Virtual Hangouts

Who should try it? Bored teenagers

Price: Free
Year launched: 2023
Number of users: Unclear. Over 5 million downloads on Google Play
Available on: Download Bondee for Android and iOS

Bondee, an online messaging app, relies on avatars to facilitate virtual hangouts. Initially gaining popularity in Asia, Bondee allows users to connect with up to 50 friends, customize avatars, and design virtual surroundings. Despite initial success, Bondee faced a decline after topping charts in several Asian countries. The question remains: can Bondee introduce features that foster long-term loyalty, or will it evolve into something entirely new?

Mastodon: Twitter, Decentralized

Who should try it? People who hate censorship

Price: Free
Year launched: 2016
Number of users: 4.5 million accounts
Available on: Download Mastodon for Android and iOS

Mastodon, a decentralized Twitter alternative, gained traction following Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover. With individual servers organized around various topics, Mastodon thrives on user control. No ads, no algorithms, and no monetization features—a haven for privacy-conscious users. Its user base practically doubled by the end of 2022 as disillusioned Twitter users sought refuge. The German non-profit behind Mastodon keeps it ad-free and focused on user experience.

Post.News: Empowering Discourse, Avoiding Extremes

Who should try it? People who want to discuss heavyweight topics but not with trolls and extremists

Price: Free (Some content behind a paywall)
Year launched: 2022
Number of users: At least 309,000 activated accounts in 2022
Available on: Access Post News on its official website

Created by former Waze CEO Noam Bardin, Post.News is an anti-censorship platform, providing a space for uncensored discussions on various topics. Without algorithms favoring any side, Post.News aims to amplify the voice of the majority, avoiding catering to extremists. Still in beta, it’s slowly admitting users to fine-tune its operations. Post.News received funding from A16z, the same venture capital firm involved in Elon Musk’s Twitter buyout.

Shuffles by Pinterest: Crafting Collages with Ease

Who should try it? Design enthusiasts and crafters

Price: Free
Year launched: 2022
Number of users: Unclear. More than 600,000 downloads
Available on: Download Shuffles for iOS

Shuffles, a collage-making app by Pinterest, enables users to create animated collages effortlessly. Launched in July 2022, it gained popularity for its ease of use and creative potential. Comparable to Canva, Shuffles allows users to cut out objects, add animations, and share their creations. Whether for fun, design projects, or business promotion, Shuffles offers a versatile platform for visual expression.

MeWe: Social Media, Minus the Intrusion

Who should try it? People who enjoy Facebook but not the data collection or ads

Price: Free, with a Premium tier for 4.99 USD per month
Year launched: 2016
Number of users: 20 million
Available on: Download MeWe for iOS and Android

Positioning itself as the anti-Facebook, MeWe offers a full-featured social media experience without data collection, ads, or manipulated newsfeeds. Founded by a pioneer of social networking, MeWe aims to restore the original essence of social media. Users can enjoy features like exclusive newsfeeds, fan pages, and disappearing content, all while being the customers, not the product.

YouTube Shorts: YouTube’s Take on Short-Form Videos

Who should try it? People who love TikTok but are sick of the geopolitical drama

Price: Free
Year launched: 2021
Number of users: Unclear. Google claims Shorts receives more than 50 billion daily views
Available on: Download YouTube for Android and iOS

YouTube Shorts, a direct competitor to TikTok, resides within the YouTube app. Offering short-form videos, users can add captions, licensed music, and edit directly on the platform. The Shorts Fund, a 100 million USD monetization scheme, incentivizes creators. Distinct from TikTok, Shorts limits videos to 60 seconds, catering to those concerned about privacy and security issues surrounding TikTok. Creators can also share in video ad revenue.


1. Is BeReal a private and safe platform?

Yes, BeReal ensures privacy by sharing content only with approved connections, and photos disappear after 24 hours. However, caution is always advisable regarding location and personal information when using any social media app.

2. Can I download the Mastodon app on Android and iOS?

Certainly! Mastodon is available on both Android and iOS app stores. It operates as a decentralized and open-sourced social network, allowing users to interact within independent communities.

3. How secure is Mastodon given its decentralized structure?

While Mastodon communities are independently managed, security can vary between communities. Users often choose Mastodon for its reduced personal data collection, aligning with privacy-conscious preferences.

4. What sets MeWe apart from mainstream social media?

MeWe distinguishes itself by offering a full-featured social media experience without data collection, ads, or manipulated newsfeeds. It prioritizes user experience, aiming to be a platform where users are customers, not the product.

5. Why choose YouTube Shorts over TikTok?

YouTube Shorts limits videos to 60 seconds, making it a suitable alternative for those concerned about TikTok’s privacy and security issues. Creators on Shorts also have the potential to share in video ad revenue, offering a monetization avenue. {finish}

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