5 Firefox Settings for a More Private Browsing Experience

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When it comes to surfing the web, it’s like diving into the vast ocean of information, but sometimes, you don’t want everyone peering into your underwater adventures. Luckily, we’ve got your back with some nifty Firefox settings to amp up your online privacy game. Let’s dive right in!

Firefox Privacy

Choosing Your History Wisely

Ever feel like your browsing history is a bit too revealing? Fear not, you can tweak it to your liking. Here’s how:

Recommended Settings:

  • Customize Your History: Under History, opt for Use custom settings for history from the dropdown menu.
  • Cookie Control: Accept cookies from websites, but be picky. Choose Never for third-party websites.
  • Cookie Management: Keep cookies until you close Firefox or customize exceptions for trusted services.

Optional Tweaks:

  • Stay Logged In: Keep cookies until they expire if you prefer staying logged into certain services.
  • Selective Clearing: Enable Clear history when Firefox closes and customize settings to retain essential data.

Activate Tracking Protection

Shield yourself from prying eyes with Firefox‘s built-in tracking protection. Here’s how to fortify your browsing:


  • Strict Protection: Enable the more restrictive Disconnect.me strict protection.
  • Do Not Track Signal: Let websites know you prefer not to be tracked by activating Always Do Not Track signal.

Optional Extras:

  • Customized Tracking Protection: Tailor your tracking protection preferences to suit your browsing habits.

Keeping Permissions in Check

Ensure websites aren’t snooping on you through your microphone or camera. Here’s what to do:


  • Permission Scrutiny: Review and revoke permissions for accessing your camera or microphone, unless absolutely necessary.

Bid Farewell to Data Collection

Take control of your data by preventing Firefox from collecting unnecessary information:


  • Opt-out: Decline sharing information and support Mozilla Foundation by donating anonymously.

Embrace DuckDuckGo as Your Search Companion

Firefox Privacy

Escape the clutches of data-hungry giants like Google and let DuckDuckGo guide your searches:


  • Make the Switch: Set DuckDuckGo as your default search engine and bid adieu to privacy invasions.

Privacy isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal. With these tweaks, you can sculpt your browsing experience to suit your privacy needs. Remember, every click counts!

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1. Is it safe to share information with Mozilla Foundation?

Yes, Mozilla Foundation is a reputable organization dedicated to preserving online privacy. You can support their cause by donating anonymously.

2. Can I revert to default settings if needed?

Absolutely! You can always revert to default settings in Firefox if you’re not satisfied with the changes you’ve made.

3. How effective is Firefox’s tracking protection?

Firefox‘s tracking protection is quite robust and offers a layer of defense against online trackers. However, it’s essential to complement it with other privacy measures for comprehensive protection.

4. Will changing my default search engine affect my browsing experience?

Changing your default search engine to DuckDuckGo might take some getting used to, but it’s a small adjustment for the sake of enhanced privacy.

5. Can I trust DuckDuckGo with my search queries?

DuckDuckGo prioritizes user privacy and doesn’t track or store your personal information. It’s a reliable alternative to mainstream search engines like Google.

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