How to Clear Your Netflix History and Enhance Your Privacy

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So, you’ve been binge-watching your favorite shows on Netflix, and now you’re worried about who might stumble upon your guilty pleasures? Or maybe you’re just tired of Netflix’s persistent attempts to recommend more of what you’ve already watched? Fear not, because we’re here to guide you through the process of clearing your Netflix history with ForestVPN, ensuring your viewing habits remain your little secret.

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Why Should You Clear Your Netflix History?

Your Netflix history isn’t just a list of your past entertainment choices; it’s a window into your soul…well, maybe not that dramatic, but it does provide insights into your viewing preferences. While this can be handy for Netflix to tailor recommendations, it might not always align with your desires. Here’s why you might want to hit the delete button:

  1. Privacy Concerns: Whether it’s nosy family members, curious friends, or even potential romantic interests, you may not want others peeking into your viewing habits.
  2. Algorithm Annoyance: Tired of Netflix bombarding you with recommendations based on that one random movie you watched ages ago? Clearing your history can help reset those suggestions.
  3. Selective Recommendations: Maybe you want Netflix to show you more of a certain genre and less of another. Deleting specific shows from your history can help fine-tune those recommendations.

What Happens When You Clear Your Netflix History?

When you bid adieu to your watching history, it’s like wiping the slate clean. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Gone from Sight: Once deleted, the shows or movies vanish from your viewing activity and the dreaded “Continue Watching” section.
  2. Recommendation Reset: No more being haunted by past watches; your recommendations will start afresh.
  3. Cross-Device Consistency: Whether you clear your history on your computer or mobile, the changes sync across all your devices.

How to Clear Your Netflix History

Ready to embark on your journey to digital privacy? Here’s how to scrub your Netflix history clean:

On Computer

  • Individual Removal: Hover over the show or movie you want to delete in the “Continue Watching” section and click the remove icon.
  • Bulk Delete: Head to your account settings, click on Viewing Activity, and remove entries one by one or hide them all at once.

On Mobile

  • Single Deletion: Tap the three-dot icon beneath the show or movie in the “Continue Watching” section, then select Remove From Row.
  • Total Cleanse: Unfortunately, you can only remove entries individually on the mobile app.

FAQ: Clearing Your Netflix History

1. Can I erase my entire Netflix history?

  • Yes, you can delete individual entries or wipe your entire watch history through your account settings on the web version.

2. How do I clear my Netflix history on a smart TV?

  • Look for the option “Remove From Continue Watching” after selecting a show or movie. If unavailable, use the web version on your computer or phone.

3. Will clearing my Netflix history affect my recommendations?

  • Absolutely! Clearing your history will reset your recommendations, sparing you from endless loops of déjà vu.

4. Can ForestVPN help protect my privacy while streaming?

  • ForestVPN offers top-notch encryption and anonymity, ensuring your online activities, including Netflix binges, remain private.

5. How can I ensure my Netflix history stays private in the future?

  • Regularly clear your history and consider using a reliable VPN like ForestVPN for added privacy.

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