How to Stay Incognito in the Real World

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Living in an era of constant surveillance can be unnerving. From the moment you step out of your home until you return, you’re under the watchful eyes of cameras, both automated and human. While going completely off the grid online might be challenging, navigating the physical world without leaving a trace is within reach. In this guide, we’ll explore practical tips on how to be incognito in the real world. Let’s dive in.

1. Leave Your Devices at Home

The Perfect Tracking Device

Your phone, a potential tracking device, broadcasts your location whenever connected to a cell tower. Similarly, Wi-Fi connections reveal your location through MAC addresses. Invest in a burner phone, use an old phone without identifiable information, and disable location settings. If you must bring a device, consider a SIM-less device like a small laptop running TAILS.

2. Encrypt Your Communications

Keeping Your Plans Private

In a world with increasing surveillance, safeguard your communications. SMS, phone calls, and unencrypted emails can compromise your privacy. Use end-to-end encrypted services like Signal and avoid giving away too much information when setting up virtual numbers.

3. Obscure Your Face

Beating Automated Surveillance

Cameras pose a significant threat to privacy. To thwart automated surveillance, hide your face with a hat, a face mask, or even a helmet if you’re on a bike. Face paint, though touted as a method, is less efficient.

4. Walk, Don’t Ride

Blending In with the Crowd

Commuting is inevitable, but choose inconspicuous modes of transportation. Avoid using electronic transit cards or credit cards. Blend in with the crowd by observing local behavior and adapting your wardrobe, tipping habits, and greetings accordingly.

5. Be Wary of Social Media

Impactful, Yet Risky

Sharing on social media can be impactful, but it also exposes your location and activities. Be cautious about what you share, control your audience, and be mindful of the metadata in your photos and videos.

6. Live in the Right Crowds

Choosing the Right Environment

Opt for crowded, busy neighborhoods with multiple entrances and minimal surveillance. Having roommates or subletting can ease concerns about bills and rental information. Stay vigilant about your privacy both online and offline.


Q: Can I still use my personal phone if I follow these tips?

A: It’s advisable to either use a burner phone, an old device without identifiable information, or a SIM-less device like a laptop running TAILS for enhanced privacy.

Q: Why is encrypted communication important?

A: Encrypted communication prevents authorities from accessing your plans and whereabouts. Services like Signal provide end-to-end encryption for added security.

Q: Are face masks the most effective way to avoid facial recognition?

A: While face masks can help, hiding your face with a hat, helmet, or other accessories is more effective in beating automated surveillance.

Q: Why should I avoid using credit cards for transportation?

A: Credit card transactions can be traced, compromising your anonymity. Stick to cash payments to maintain a low profile during your commute.

Q: How can I maintain privacy in crowded areas?

A: Choose crowded neighborhoods with multiple entrances, minimal surveillance, and easy access to public places. Observing local behavior can help you blend in seamlessly.

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