Decoding Meta Threads vs Twitter: Privacy, Risks, and Safety Tips

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Decoding Threads vs Twitter: Privacy, Risks, and Safety Tips. Asa 5505 ipsec remote access vpn
threads logo icons set in three shapes.

Unraveling Meta Threads’ Meteoric Rise and Twitter’s Downturn

Threads, Meta’s latest social networking app, has stormed onto the scene, challenging Twitter’s dwindling user base. As we delve into the whirlwind journey of Threads and its impact on Twitter, privacy concerns loom large, casting a shadow over the app’s seemingly irresistible appeal.

The Perfect Antidote to Twitter’s Decline

Developed by the minds behind Instagram, Threads has defied expectations, becoming the fastest-growing app in history within days of its July 5, 2023 launch. With 122 million users in a short span, Threads outpaced even the renowned AI, ChatGPT, in its monumental climb. But what caused this unprecedented success? Twitter’s missteps played a significant role, with Threads attracting users disillusioned by the chaos surrounding Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter.

Threads’ Impact on Twitter’s Fortunes

The aftermath of Threads’ launch saw a 5% dip in Twitter’s traffic and an 11% decrease compared to the same period in 2022, according to SimilarWeb’s analytics. A poll by Ipsos highlighted the migration of 58% of American Twitter users to Threads, posing a formidable challenge to Twitter, grappling with a 59% decline in ad sales. Analysts estimate Threads could generate $8 billion in revenue for Meta by 2025, further jeopardizing Twitter’s financial standing.

Threads: Privacy Concerns and Data-Sharing Controversy

Before succumbing to Threads’ allure, it’s crucial to acknowledge Meta’s track record of privacy controversies and data-sharing issues. Fines and legal troubles in the U.S., GDPR compliance issues in the EU, and potential targeted advertising loom on Threads’ horizon, raising red flags for prospective users.

Extensive Data Collection Practices

Threads mirrors Meta’s other platforms in extensive data collection, encompassing personal, health, financial, and location data. This comprehensive profiling poses privacy concerns, intensified by Meta Pixel’s data-gathering efforts. The interconnected nature of Threads with Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp amplifies risks, with the transfer of user data to third parties heightening potential security threats.

Threads’ EU Ban and Account Deletion Challenges

The EU’s Digital Markets Act led to Threads’ ban, fostering a surge in VPN demand among EU users seeking access. However, Meta’s response to block VPN traffic complicates matters. Deleting a Threads account poses regulatory challenges, as it necessitates deleting the associated Instagram profile, raising questions about informed user consent.

Should You Sign Up for Threads?

For personal accounts, exercising caution and waiting for substantial privacy enhancements from Meta is advised. However, businesses leveraging Threads for brand presence might weigh different considerations. Threads’ success hinges on Meta addressing privacy concerns and implementing transparent practices.

Making Threads Safer: Our Recommendations

To enhance Threads’ safety and privacy, Meta should prioritize:

  1. Transparency on Data Collection and Usage: Clear and accessible information for users.
  2. Streamlined Account Deletion: An easy process, distinct from Instagram account deletion.
  3. Enhanced Safety Features: Robust tools to combat cyberbullying and abuse.
  4. Compliance with Data Privacy Regulations: GDPR adherence for EU users.

Already Signed Up? Safeguard Your Threads Experience

If you’ve joined Threads or plan to, consider these tips:

  1. Selective Sharing: Limit content to trusted individuals.
  2. Mindful Posting: Be cautious about what you share to protect your privacy.
  3. Use a VPN: Enhance security when accessing Threads.
  4. Strong Passwords: Fortify your account with robust passwords and two-factor authentication.
  5. Block and Report: Utilize features to block and report any harassing behavior.

FAQs: Untangling Threads’ Complex Web

Deleting a Threads account requires deleting the associated Instagram profile.


Threads collects personal, health, financial, location, and engagement data.


The EU's Digital Markets Act, focusing on user data sharing, led to Threads' ban.


Exercise caution, use a VPN, and follow recommended privacy settings.

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