Unmasking the Creepers: A Guide to Staying Safe from Stalkerware

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The rise of remote work has brought with it an unsettling increase in the use of stalkerware, a form of spyware that invades personal relationships. In this guide, we’ll delve into the world of this tupe of malware, its types, functionalities, and most importantly, how you can protect yourself. Let’s dive in!


Understanding Stalkerware

Stalkerware is the ominous cousin of spyware, primarily employed by individuals rather than government agencies. It’s not just unethical; it’s downright creepy. In 2021, smartphones witnessed a staggering 54,677 stalkerware alerts, emphasizing the growing threat. But what exactly is it and how does it differ from spyware?

What is Stalkerware?

Stalkerware is commercially available spyware designed for monitoring individuals in personal relationships. While often used for employee surveillance, it’s increasingly infiltrating personal lives.

Types and Functionalities

The lack of specific names hasn’t stopped cybersecurity experts from categorizing stalking apps based on the information they collect. From monitoring communications to tracking locations and stealing files, these apps are invasive and pose a serious threat to privacy.

Apps that Monitor Communications

Discover how some stalking apps record calls, log keystrokes, and invade the privacy of messages and emails.

Apps that Track Location

Explore how location tracking stalkerware can reveal personal habits and turn smartphones into tools for stalking.

Apps that Steal Files and Intimate Data

Delve into the dangerous realm of apps that silently watch for changes on devices, potentially exposing sensitive data.

Common Stalkerware Apps and Global Impact

Get an overview of popular stalking apps like Cerberus and Reptillicus, realizing the alarming number of affected users globally.

Detecting and Removing Stalkerware

It tends to gravitate towards smartphones, making them easy targets. Learn how to identify signs and take action against potential threats.

Signs of Stalkerware

Uncover the subtle signs that your smartphone might be harboring stalking apps and putting your privacy at risk.

Identifying and Removing on iOS

Discover the steps to ensure your iPhone remains stalkerware-free, from checking unfamiliar apps to securing your iCloud.

Identifying and Removing on Android

Explore the Android landscape and learn how to run checks, use Google Play Protect, and safeguard your device from stalking apps.

Protection Against

Prevention is key when it comes to such matters. Arm yourself with simple yet effective practices to ensure your digital life remains private.

Simple Ways to Protect Yourself

From monitoring device behavior to updating software, discover straightforward methods to shield yourself from potential threats.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can stalkerware be installed remotely on smartphones?
    • While difficult, it’s possible with techniques like email phishing. Be cautious and protect your device.
  2. Are there legitimate stalking apps apps marketed for surveillance?
    • Currently, it’s challenging to differentiate between legitimate and malicious apps. Vigilance is crucial.
  3. Does a factory reset remove stalkerware from a device?
    • Yes, a factory reset eliminates the offending app, but back up your data to avoid losing essential information.