Understanding iPhone App Tracking Transparency Feature

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Apple App Tracking Transparency feature is a significant step forward in empowering users with more control over their privacy settings. With App Tracking Transparency, users receive a pop-up message whenever they open an app that intends to track their activity. They are then given the option to opt-out with just one tap. In this article we will provide you guide on understanding iPhone App Tracking Transparency feature.

How to Opt-Out of Tracking on iPhone and iPad Apps

Developers employ various methods to track user activity and share this information with third-party companies. However, Apple’s focus with the latest update is primarily on its “identifier for advertisers” (IDFA) system. Every iPhone comes with a unique IDFA, which allows app companies to track clicks, downloads, and purchases. Subsequently, these app makers can sell user activity information to advertising firms for targeted advertising purposes.

When users opt-out of being tracked via App Tracking Transparency, they effectively block the app from accessing their device’s IDFA, thus halting the flow of personal information. Moreover, developers are prohibited from tracking users using alternative methods or selling their data to external companies.

While there remains a possibility that some app developers may attempt to circumvent these rules, doing so would put them in violation of Apple’s App Store terms of service, potentially resulting in their app’s removal.

The Significance of this iOS Update

In essence, this update may not appear groundbreaking to consumers who have been vigilant about their privacy settings on iOS devices. Users have had the ability to restrict their phone’s IDFA for some time, albeit buried within the Settings menu. With the latest update, however, users are presented with a clear choice upon installing or launching an app: “Ask App Not To Track” or “Allow.”

This shift not only empowers users to opt-out of tracking but also serves as a persistent reminder of their right to privacy whenever they interact with an app. This change could pose significant challenges for developers and advertisers reliant on tracking user data for revenue.

The Facebook Conundrum

One of the most notable opponents of Apple’s privacy changes is Facebook, which has been at odds with Apple for months over these updates. Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, expressed concerns about the potential impact on small businesses, but also hinted at potential benefits for Facebook’s own platforms.

Despite Facebook’s reservations, Apple has provided app developers with some flexibility regarding when to display the tracking pop-ups. Facebook, in turn, has taken proactive measures by addressing the changes directly with users and advocating for more relevant ads in support of small businesses.

Can Users Still Be Tracked After Opting Out?

Once users opt-out of tracking, developers lose access to their device’s IDFA, and alternative tracking methods are prohibited. However, Apple’s own apps may still engage in some form of tracking to deliver personalized ads within its ecosystem, such as the App Store and Apple News app.

For users seeking to bolster their privacy further, utilizing a VPN (Virtual Private Network) for iOS can encrypt their internet traffic, enhancing their online privacy and security.


1. Can I still be tracked if I opt out?

Yes, opting out of tracking prevents app developers from accessing your device’s IDFA and prohibits tracking via other means.

2. What if app developers attempt to bypass the opt-out?

App developers attempting to bypass the opt-out mechanisms risk violating Apple’s App Store terms of service and facing app removal.

3. How does this impact advertisers and developers?

This update presents significant challenges for advertisers and developers reliant on tracking user data for targeted advertising and analytics.

4. How can users further enhance their privacy?

Users can augment their privacy by utilizing a VPN (Virtual Private Network) for iOS, which encrypts their internet traffic.

5. Is this update exclusive to iPhone users?

Yes, App Tracking Transparency is a feature exclusive to iPhone and iPad devices running iOS 14.5 or later.

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