Tech Impact on Pastimes: The Intricacies

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Technology has revolutionized our lives, offering unprecedented conveniences. However, in the pursuit of progress, there are instances where we find ourselves longing for the simplicity of the past. Here, the ForestVPN blog team members share their insights into the technologies that have disrupted their cherished pastimes and real-life experiences.

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1. E-Readers: A Disconnection from Tactile Satisfaction

What they do: E-readers, such as Kindle, Nook, and Kobo, store thousands of books on a lightweight device, promoting on-the-go reading even in the dark.

Why they alter everything:

“The tactile satisfaction of flipping through a book is something a Kindle just can’t recreate. There’s a rhythm to it, and when a good book draws you in, there’s no stopping it—even when it’s 2 am and you tell yourself: just one last page. With e-books, it’s hard to get a sense of where you’re at with the story. Some of my favorite books are of great sentimental value, too. Their physical form serves as a reminder of a time or a place.” — Tricia

“How are we supposed to know what book that cute stranger is reading on the train??” — Jamie

2. Streaming Services: The Evaporation of Cinematic Experiences

What they do: Streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Apple TV+ offer a vast library of movies and shows for a low monthly cost or even for free.

Why they alter everything:

“My parents used to take me to the movies as a treat and made an entire affair out of getting popcorn and nachos. Streaming services don’t offer that experience and the excitement of it. And sometimes you aren’t even saving money, like when Disney+ charges a fee for a newer release that is about four times the cost of a movie ticket!” — Atika

3. Fitness Watches: Distorted Perceptions of Exercise

What they do: Fitness watches, including Apple Watch and FitBit, measure and record aspects of your physical state, such as heart rate, calories burned, and steps taken.

Why they alter everything:

“Once you start tracking your workouts with fitness apps, if you go out for a run or walk without your device (because it’s charging or whatever), you feel like the exercise didn’t actually count.” — Mac

4. Food Delivery Apps: A Diminished Dining Experience

What they do: Food delivery apps like Grubhub, Doordash, and UberEats bring restaurant dishes to your home quickly and for a reasonable delivery fee.

Why they alter everything:

“What you get is food at restaurant prices without the restaurant atmosphere and the anticipation of a fun night out. Just a grim paper bag and so much plastic packaging. The most depressing part is people are so used to deliveries now they’re too lazy to leave home.” — Penny

5. Travel Sites: The Vanishing Spontaneity of Exploration

What they do: Travel sites such as TripAdvisor,, and Google Maps showcase travel destinations and allow you to comparison shop for hotels.

Why they alter everything:

“What’s been ruined is vacation wandering. It’s kind of sad that it’s so easy to navigate strange new cities with your phone. And all your hotels and other way stations are searchable and bookable in advance, such that you feel almost negligent if you don’t plan everything ahead. All the spontaneity of travel is gone. While everything is safer and more convenient, so much of the mystery and joy of it is lost.” — Zack

6. Smart Birdfeeder: A Tech Intrusion in Tranquil Birdwatching

What it does: The Smart Birdfeeder, exemplified by Bird Buddy, notifies you when birds visit the birdfeeder and takes their pictures.

Why it alters everything:

“So much of the joy of birdwatching being still in nature. It’s a quiet meditative joy, which balances with the excitement of hearing and spotting a new bird in person, in its habitat. This tech feels super intrusive. It’s surveillance and also adding technology to ‘catch ’em all’ for an activity (birdwatching) that is delightfully tech-free.” — Lauren

7. Dating Apps: A Detached Approach to Connections

What they do: Dating apps like Tinder and Bumble connect you to people without having to set foot inside a bar or make eye contact.

Why they alter everything:

“You become a jaded statistic.” — Marcus

“You end up swiping through everyone to find said cute stranger on the train—to no avail.” — Jamie

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Q: How do e-readers impact the joy of reading?
A: E-readers lack the tactile satisfaction of flipping through a physical book, diminishing the rhythmic experience and sentimental value.

Q: Why do food delivery apps receive criticism for altering the dining experience?
A: Food delivery apps often provide restaurant dishes without the ambiance, contributing to a sense of disconnection and excessive packaging.

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