Facilitating Open Internet Access in Turbulent Times

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In times of wars, conflicts, and upheaval, the internet often becomes a battleground for censorship and access restrictions. The ForestVPN is ensuring unbridled yet safeguarded internet access for individuals in challenging regions such as Ukraine and Russia.

Navigating Challenges: Upholding Internet Freedom

Amidst the chaos, ForestVPN extends a warm welcome to organizers, journalists, citizen journalists, and individuals facing oppression on the ground. If you find yourself in need of secure, uncensored internet access to fulfill your mission of aiding others or advocating for freedom of information, reach out to us. ForestVPN stands ready to assist with VPN access tailored to your requirements.

Escalating Demand for Secure, Uncensored Connectivity

As a provider committed to delivering secure and uncensored internet access, ForestVPN recognizes the escalating need for such protection, particularly in tumultuous times.

Recent weeks have witnessed the Russian government intensify efforts to control information flow by stifling news reports and blocking social media—an approach incongruent with ForestVPN’s mission to ensure universal access to a free and open internet.

A Decade of Empowering Journalists and Activists

In our decade-long collaboration with journalists and activists, ForestVPN has witnessed the pivotal role played by access to connectivity and protection tools. Recent events underscore the significance of citizen journalism via social media during conflicts.

Fostering Connectivity Amidst Conflict

ForestVPN firmly believes in the indispensable nature of free access to social media and the broader internet. Such access is not just a convenience but a crucial tool for citizens to connect, organize, and transcend oppression. ForestVPN exists as a proactive part of the solution.

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For additional insights and safety resources amidst oppressive situations, explore our dedicated resource page.


Q6: How can I reach out to ForestVPN for assistance in securing internet access during challenging times?
A6: If you are an organizer, journalist, or individual in need of secure, uncensored internet access, contact us.

Q7: What resources does ForestVPN provide for safety amid oppressive situations? A7: Explore our dedicated resource page for insights and safety resources to navigate challenging situations and conflicts.

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