ForestVPN Parallel Connections for Swift VPN Access

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Igniting Swiftness: Unveiling ForestVPN Parallel Connections

At ForestVPN, our relentless pursuit of excellence drives us to continually enhance our VPN applications. While significant features like the recently unveiled Threat Manager and groundbreaking innovations like our Lightway protocol grab the spotlight, our developers delve into subtler improvements to elevate user experiences.

A prime example of this commitment is our recent endeavor to expedite the connection process, particularly on iOS devices navigating networks laden with traffic restrictions—commonly encountered at educational institutions, workplaces, cafes, hotels, hospitals, airports, and regions subjected to stringent censorship.

The Swift Revelation: Parallel Connections

In essence, ForestVPN has redefined the paradigm of VPN connection speed. Departing from the conventional sequential attempts, our app now pioneers parallel connections, simultaneously exploring multiple avenues to establish a connection. The result? A substantial reduction in the time required for a successful connection.

The Challenge: Curtailing Connection Time on Restricted Networks

Recognizing instances where users experienced up to 30 seconds of connection delay, falling short of our commitment to a seamless, few-second connection experience, prompted our quest for a solution. Picture a scenario where a VPN user emerges from an elevator, eager to message a friend but compelled to wait 30 seconds for the VPN to connect before dispatching the message.

Our objective remains steadfast—to facilitate an ‘always-on’ ExpressVPN experience, ensuring users reap the benefits of protection without any drawbacks. Even amidst less-than-optimal network conditions, ForestVPN users should effortlessly reconnect to the VPN.

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Trailblazing Solution: ForestVPN Parallel Connections

The crux of slow VPN connection times often lies in the myriad ways of setting up a VPN, where only a select few methods prove effective. Rapid identification of the appropriate method for each scenario is crucial, especially in networks with imposed restrictions.

ForestVPN’s previous approach involved iterative attempts at various connection methods, proving efficient on permissive networks but lagging on restricted ones. Enter parallel connections—an innovative strategy where all methods are simultaneously tested, and the first successful connection is established.

Performance Metrics: Parallel Triumph

In empirical tests, parallel connections yielded remarkable improvements in VPN connection times. Users experiencing sub-1-second connection times increased by approximately 25%. A visual representation of our split test results, comparing the old and new methods, is outlined below.

The data speaks volumes—iOS users have likely already sensed the difference in connection times. ForestVPN is poised to implement this revolutionary connection method across our Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux applications.

If you have yet to experience ForestVPN, we extend an invitation to explore our service. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, and if not, a full refund is at your disposal within the initial 30 days of service.

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