Marriott Data Breach: Personal Information of 500 Million Guests Compromised

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A Decade of Neglect Unveiled: Marriott’s Data Breach Chronicles

The iconic Marriott logo, now resembling an exposed padlock, serves as an unwitting emblem of the massive data breach that has unfolded over the last four years. Originally reported on December 7, 2018, the breach has impacted up to 500 million individuals who entrusted their information to the Marriott International hotel group.

The Unraveling Data Dilemma

If your journeys, whether for business or pleasure, span the past four years, there’s a disconcerting possibility that your personal data has fallen prey to a sweeping data breach affecting prominent hotel chains. The affected establishments include the W, Westin, Le Méridien, Sheraton, and Marriott chains.

A Timeline in the Shadows

The breach’s origin traces back to September 8, 2018, when Marriott discovered unauthorized access to its guest reservation database. Astonishingly, further investigation unveiled that this breach had silently persisted since 2014, turning Marriott’s database into an unintentional open source of data.

Encryption Conundrum

Despite the default encryption of credit card details within the hotel chain’s system, uncertainties loom over whether hackers successfully pilfered the encryption keys, adding a layer of complexity to the already alarming situation.

GDPR’s Looming Shadow

The magnitude of this data breach, coupled with its prolonged existence, is poised to capture the attention of the EU and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Marriott faces the prospect of a substantial fine as the consequences of its data negligence unfold.

Data Breaches: A Recurring Symphony

Marriott joins the ranks of companies grappling with the fallout of customer data loss. In a landscape where giants like Yahoo!, Google, and Equifax have endured similar ordeals, it becomes imperative for companies to fortify their security foundations to shield their clientele from such breaches.

In an era where data breaches have become an unfortunate norm, the onus lies on companies to elevate their security protocols and safeguard the trust bestowed upon them by their customers.


Q: How many people were affected by the Marriott data breach?
A: Up to 500 million individuals had their personal data compromised in the Marriott data breach.

Q: When was the Marriott data breach first discovered?
A: Marriott detected unauthorized access to its guest reservation database on September 8, 2018, uncovering a breach that had persisted since 2014.

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