OONI Censorship: Dive into the World of Online Censor

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OONI, the Open Observatory of Network Interference, is a beacon in the darkness, dedicated to documenting and investigating internet censorship worldwide. In this article, we’ll navigate the waters of OONI’s capabilities, its installation process, and how it empowers users to measure and understand censorship.

OONI: A Brief Overview

OONI operates in collaboration with the Tor Project, striving to bring transparency to the shadowy realm of online restrictions. The organization has developed open-source software, the OONI Probe app, enabling users to actively participate in the detection and documentation of internet censorship.

The Installation Journey

We embarked on our OONI adventure by installing the app through various platforms, from F-Droid on our LineageOS phone to Windows, Mac, Google Play, and the Apple App Store. The versatility of OONI’s availability ensures that users across different devices can contribute to the collective effort against censorship.

Peeking Under the Hood: How OONI Works

As we initiated the OONI Probe for the first time, a gentle reminder greeted us – our findings would be shared with the world. OONI, with its noble cause, investigates and publishes reports on internet censorship, shedding light on the tactics employed by different entities.

Privacy Concerns

While OONI aims to exclude personal information from reports, the absence of an ironclad guarantee raises some eyebrows. To test OONI comprehensively, it’s suggested to turn off your VPN temporarily, providing a real-world perspective on censorship as experienced by an average user.

The Test Run: What OONI Measures

OONI is not merely a spectator; it actively engages with the internet landscape, testing websites, messaging apps, and anonymity networks individually. Users can even customize their tests by adding specific websites to the examination list.

Performance Insights

Apart from identifying censorship, OONI graciously offers a performance review. It informs users about the expected internet speeds and the resulting video quality on their network. This detailed analysis covers websites, messaging apps, and anonymity networks like Tor.

OONI Reports: A Fascinating Dive

The data collected by OONI is not confined to a hidden vault. Instead, it is accessible online through the OONI Explorer and individual reports. For the tech-savvy, these reports provide an intriguing read, offering insights into various censorship practices worldwide.

A Glimpse into Iran’s SNI-Blocking

To illustrate the depth of OONI’s findings, consider this report on SNI-blocking in Iran. It exemplifies how OONI’s meticulous examination can uncover the nuances of censorship in different regions.

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Join the Cause: Supporting OONI

As we conclude our journey through the realm of OONI, we extend an invitation to all readers. Download the OONI app, become part of a global effort against internet censorship, and envision a future where online freedom prevails. We also express a hope for OONI’s expansion, encompassing more services and popular messaging apps like Signal or WeChat.


  1. Is OONI safe to use?
    • Yes, OONI is designed with user privacy in mind, but it’s advisable to turn off your VPN temporarily during testing.
  2. Can I trust OONI’s reports?
    • While OONI aims to exclude personal data, there’s no absolute guarantee. Use the tool with caution and for a better understanding of censorship.
  3. How often does OONI update its data?
    • OONI continuously collects data, and the results are made available through the OONI Explorer and individual reports regularly.
  4. What devices support OONI Probe?
    • OONI Probe is versatile, supporting devices like LineageOS phones, Windows, Mac, and both Android and iOS devices.
  5. How can I contribute to OONI’s mission?
    • Download the OONI app, run tests, and share your findings. Join the global community working towards a censorship-free internet.