Stalkerware Threats: Spyware, Privacy, and Legal Call

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In the digital age, where technology permeates every aspect of our lives, a sinister force has emerged—stalkerware. These spyware applications, surreptitiously installed on devices, have become the weapon of choice for abusers seeking to exert control over their targets, be it children, employees, or partners. The University of Toronto’s CitizenLab recently published a groundbreaking interdisciplinary report that delves deep into the world of stalkerware, specifically shedding light on the lack of accountability in Canada. In this article, we dissect the key findings, exploring how the industry markets itself, the security risks it poses, and the call for legal reforms.

The Shadowy Market of Stalkerware

1. Explicit Marketing to Enable Stalking

The report’s revelations are alarming but not surprising. Stalkerware companies are not oblivious to the sinister applications of their products. They actively promote their software for purposes like stalking, intimate partner violence, abuse, and harassment. Blog posts and promotional text often explicitly refer to “spousal monitoring,” with one company brazenly stating that its software is a “great way to learn more about the target person.”

2. Security Breaches: A Double-Edged Sword

Beyond the unethical use of stalkerware, the industry’s poor security practices exacerbate the risks for targeted individuals. The history of hacks targeting stalkerware apps highlights the vulnerability of the information collected. While some breaches aim to erase illicitly obtained data, others expose sensitive information to the public, putting the privacy of the victims at further risk.

Stalkerware Companies’ Consent Conundrum

3. Lack of Meaningful and Ongoing Consent

One of the most disturbing findings of the report is the failure of stalkerware companies to obtain meaningful and ongoing consent from targeted individuals. The companies seem solely concerned with the rights of their customers, neglecting the potential harm their apps inflict on the privacy of those being surveilled. Current legislation’s “limited bite” fails to hold these companies accountable, necessitating more effective and enforceable remedies.

4. Legislative Gaps: A Call for Change

The report advocates for legislative changes to address the inadequacies of current laws. Companies often mention in their public policies that customers are responsible for obtaining consent from their targets. The report highlights the absence of positive and affirmative consent from the actual persons targeted by the surveillance. The call is for more stringent laws to deter the intrusive nature of surveillance apps.

A Glimmer of Hope: Antivirus Protection

On a positive note, the report identifies that many antivirus products can detect stalkerware as malicious. Google Play Protect can block stalkerware installation and remove already installed spyware, offering a glimmer of hope amidst the concerning findings.

Bringing Change to Privacy

In the words of Edward Snowden, “privacy is what gives you the ability to share with the world who you are on your own terms.” The report aspires to redress the balance between the surveiller and the surveilled, advocating for effective legislation that empowers survivors of stalkerware abuse to reclaim their right to privacy.

FAQs on Stalkerware: Unveiling the Threats

Q1: How prevalent is the use of stalkerware in Canada?

A1: The report highlights the pervasive use of stalkerware and the alarming lack of accountability in Canada. The extent of its use is a cause for serious concern.

Q2: Can antivirus software protect against stalkerware?

A2: Yes, the report identifies that many antivirus products can detect stalkerware as malicious.

Q3: What legal changes does the report propose?

A3: The report calls for more stringent laws that hold stalkerware companies accountable and ensure positive and ongoing consent from targeted individuals.

Q4: How do stalkerware companies market their products?

A4: Stalkerware companies actively promote their software for stalking purposes, with some even bragging about being a “great way to learn more about the target person.”

Q5: What positive change does the report hope to bring?

A5: The report aims to bring about legislative changes that empower survivors of stalkerware abuse to reclaim their right to privacy, as advocated by Edward Snowden.

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