Exploring the Best Streaming Services for Anime Fans

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Anime, with its captivating storylines, vibrant characters, and unique art style, has captured the hearts of millions worldwide. From its humble beginnings in the 1960s to its meteoric rise internationally in the 1980s and beyond, Japanese anime now accounts for over 50% of the world’s animated productions. It has become one of the most popular and recognizable types of Japanese content globally.

Anime Streaming

Diving into the World of Anime Streaming

When it comes to indulging in our favorite anime series and movies, having access to the right streaming service can make all the difference. While platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video offer a wide range of content, sometimes we crave more specialized options tailored specifically for anime enthusiasts. That’s where niche streaming services step in, catering to our insatiable appetite for Japanese animation.

ForestVPN’s Curated List of Anime Streaming Services

We’ve curated a list of streaming platforms that cater specifically to anime fans, offering an extensive library of titles, simulcasts, and exclusive content. These platforms go beyond the mainstream to provide an immersive anime experience like no other.

Crunchyroll: A Paradise for Anime Lovers

Crunchyroll stands out as a titan in the anime streaming realm, boasting an extensive library of over 30,000 episodes from 1,000+ anime titles. With new releases available shortly after their Japanese broadcast, Crunchyroll ensures you stay up-to-date with the latest anime trends. Whether you prefer subtitled or dubbed content, Crunchyroll has you covered.

Subscription Options

  • Free with ads
  • “Fan”: $7.99 USD/month
  • “Mega-Fan”: $9.99 USD/month
  • “Mega-Fan”: $79.99 USD/year


  • Worldwide (with regional content variations)
  • Dedicated apps for various platforms

Funimation: Where Anime Comes to Life

Funimation offers a diverse catalog of around 800 movies and series, totaling approximately 15,000 hours of anime content. With a focus on dubbed content and SimulDubs releasing alongside their Japanese counterparts, Funimation ensures an immersive viewing experience for its audience.

Subscription Options

  • Free with ads
  • “Premium”: $5.99 USD/month
  • “Premium Plus”: $7.99 USD/month
  • “Premium Plus Ultra”: $99.99 USD/year


  • Global reach through subsidiaries
  • Dedicated apps for multiple devices

Wakanim: European Charm Meets Anime Delight

Part of the Funimation family, Wakanim caters to European audiences with localized content available in French, English, German, and Russian. Boasting a library of nearly 400 movies and series, Wakanim brings the best of anime to European screens.

Subscription Options

  • Free with ads
  • Various pricing tiers for premium access


  • Tailored content for European regions
  • Dedicated apps for seamless streaming

HIDIVE: Unveiling Hidden Gems in Anime

HIDIVE has carved a niche for itself in the anime streaming market since its inception in 2017. With a curated selection of content and a unique feature allowing viewers to switch between censored and uncensored versions, HIDIVE offers a tailored anime experience.

Subscription Options

  • Affordable monthly and annual plans


  • Serving various regions across the Americas, UK, Ireland, and beyond

RetroCrush: Nostalgia Galore for Anime Enthusiasts

RetroCrush takes anime fans on a trip down memory lane with its collection of retro content from the golden age of anime. Featuring both subbed and dubbed offerings, RetroCrush brings beloved classics to a new generation of viewers.

Subscription Options

  • Free with ads
  • Premium options for uninterrupted streaming


  • Exclusive to the U.S. and Canada

Tubi: A Surprising Haven for Anime Aficionados

While not exclusively dedicated to anime, Tubi offers a decent selection of subbed and dubbed anime titles alongside its diverse catalog of movies and series. With a dedicated K-Drama collection, Tubi caters to a wide range of tastes.


  • Free with ads


  • Accessible in select regions including the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Australia

How Do You Get Your Anime Fix?

Each streaming service brings something unique to the table, catering to different preferences and regions. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of classics or crave the latest simulcasts, there’s a platform tailored to your anime needs.


1. Can I watch anime for free on these platforms?

Yes, many of these platforms offer free access with ads, allowing you to enjoy a vast selection of anime titles without a subscription.

2. Are these streaming services available worldwide?

While most platforms have a global reach, content availability may vary depending on your region. Be sure to check the platform’s availability in your country.

3. Can I switch between dubbed and subtitled content?

Yes, platforms like Crunchyroll and HIDIVE offer both dubbed and subtitled options, giving viewers the flexibility to choose their preferred language.

4. Are there any exclusive anime titles available on these platforms?

Yes, some platforms feature exclusive content and simulcasts, providing access to anime titles that may not be available elsewhere.

5. Can I access these streaming services on my mobile device?

Absolutely! All of the mentioned platforms offer dedicated apps for Android and iOS devices, ensuring you can enjoy your favorite anime on the go.

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