Best Cord-Cutting Options: Compare Top Streaming Services

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Are you tired of paying hefty bills for cable TV services that you barely use? The era of cable TV dominance is fading away, making room for the rise of online streaming services. With the abundance of choices available, selecting the perfect streaming platform tailored to your preferences can be a daunting task. Fear not, as we embark on a journey to explore and compare the top cord-cutting services in the market.

Cord-Cutting Options Unveiled

Let’s delve into the specifics of each streaming service, dissecting their features, pricing, and unique offerings.

Locast: Stream Your Favorite Channels for Free

Country: U.S.
Starting Price: Free
Number of Channels: Hundreds
Trial Period: None

Locast liberates you from the confines of traditional TV setups by allowing you to stream U.S. broadcast television online, absolutely free of charge. With coverage in 28 major markets, Locast grants access to affiliates of ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox, perfect for sports enthusiasts and event aficionados.

YouTube TV: Premium Live TV Experience

Country: U.S. only
Starting Price: $64.99 USD/month
Minimum Number of Channels: 32
Trial Period: 5 days and up

YouTube TV offers a premium streaming experience with over 70 channels, encompassing 24-hour news networks and major sports channels. With multiple user accounts and simultaneous streaming on three devices, it’s a versatile option for households.

Sling TV: Customizable Streaming Solutions

Country: U.S. only
Starting Price: $30 USD/month (free for Sling Free)
Minimum Number of Channels: 32
Trial Period: 3 days

Sling TV presents customizable packages tailored to individual preferences, with options like Sling Orange, Sling Blue, and combined subscriptions. Enjoy flexibility in channel selection and streaming capabilities, with the added bonus of Sling Free for on-demand content.

AT&T TV Now: Cable Alternative with Premium Channels

Country: U.S. only
Starting Price: $55 USD/month
Minimum Number of Channels: 45
Trial Period: 7 days

Formerly DirecTV Now, AT&T TV Now offers a comprehensive range of cable channels, including premium additions like HBO and Cinemax. While it’s a pricier alternative, it provides access to exclusive sports packages and premium content.

Hulu: The Hybrid Streaming Experience

Country: U.S. only
Starting Price: $54.99 USD/month
Minimum Number of Channels: 65
Trial Period: 7 days

Hulu seamlessly integrates video-on-demand and live TV streaming, catering to varied entertainment preferences. With unlimited screens and enhanced Cloud DVR, it’s an all-inclusive solution for catching up on your favorite shows.

fuboTV: Sports-Centric Streaming Service

Country: U.S. (with limited services for Canada and Spain)
Starting Price: $64.99 USD/month
Minimum Number of Channels: 90
Trial Period: 7 days

For sports enthusiasts, fuboTV is a haven with coverage of over 30,000 live events, spanning NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL games. Enjoy a plethora of sports channels and customizable add-ons for an enhanced viewing experience.

Zattoo: European TV Delivered Online

Country: Germany, Switzerland
Starting Price: Free
Minimum Number of Channels: 253 (30 in HD)
Trial Period: 30 days (for Premium/Ultimate subscriptions)

Zattoo caters to European viewers with a vast selection of live TV and on-demand content. With a staggering 253 channels available for free, it’s a go-to platform for European TV aficionados.

TVPlayer: UK-Centric Streaming Solution

Country: UK
Starting Price: Free
Minimum Number of Channels: 45
Trial Period: 30 days (for Premium)

TVPlayer offers an extensive lineup of UK channels, including both free and premium options. With HD streaming and flexible subscription plans, it’s a top choice for Anglo-centric content.

The Best Live-Streaming Services in 2021

In essence, the best live-streaming service boils down to your personal preferences and viewing habits. Whether you’re a sports fanatic or a movie buff, there’s a cable-cutting option tailored to suit your needs. And let’s not forget about the endless entertainment possibilities offered by platforms like Netflix.


1. What factors should I consider when choosing a streaming service?
  • Content availability
  • Pricing and subscription plans
  • Streaming quality and device compatibility
2. Can I watch local channels on streaming services?

Yes, many streaming services offer access to local channels based on your geographical location.

3. Are there any free streaming options available?

Yes, platforms like Locast and TVPlayer offer free streaming options with limited channel selections.

4. Can I customize my channel lineup with streaming services?

Absolutely! Services like Sling TV allow you to tailor your channel lineup based on your preferences.

5. How do I know which streaming service is right for me?

Consider your viewing habits, preferred content genres, and budget constraints when making your decision.

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