TV Show Remakes: A Fresh Take on Popular American Series

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If you thought The Office was the only American TV show with an international origin, think again! We’ve delved into the realm of remakes to bring you a list of popular U.S. shows that have foreign roots. From political satires to intense teen dramas, these series offer a unique perspective on storytelling. Let’s take a closer look at these adaptations and see how they stack up against their originals.

TV show remakes

Veep: A Political Comedy Journey

Remake of: The Thick of It

Country of origin: UK

Streaming on: HBO Max

From the witty mind of Armando Ianucci, Veep follows the political escapades of Vice President Selina Meyer. A remake of the British hit The Thick of It, Veep adds an ensemble touch, giving characters more time in the spotlight. While both versions share DNA, Veep takes a distinct turn, making it a must-watch political satire.

Euphoria: Teen Drama with an Edge

Remake of: אופוריה (Euphoria)

Country of origin: Israel

Streaming on: HBO Max

HBO’s Euphoria dives into the tumultuous lives of high school students, exploring themes of sex, drugs, and violence. Adapted from the Israeli series Euphoria, the American version, led by Zendaya, adds an intense layer to the narrative. With each episode costing a staggering $11 million, the remake captivates with its elaborate cinematography.

House of Cards: A Ruthless Quest for Power

Remake of: House of Cards

Country of origin: UK

Streaming on: Netflix

Originating from the BBC’s 1990 miniseries, House of Cards (U.S.) unfolds a gripping tale of political revenge in Washington, D.C. Kevin Spacey’s portrayal of Congressman Frank Underwood draws inspiration from the original’s Francis Urquart. A Netflix original, it marked the streaming giant’s venture into in-house production.

Utopia: Graphic Novels and Apocalyptic Paths

Remake of: Utopia

Country of origin: UK

Streaming on: Amazon Prime Video

Utopia takes a group of misfits on a journey triggered by a cult graphic novel, foreseeing the world’s end. While the premise mirrors the British original, the execution falls short in the remake. For a more superior experience, dive into the gripping narrative of the original Utopia.

Homeland: Espionage and Psychological Intrigue

Remake of: חטופים‎ / Prisoners of War

Country of origin: Israel

Streaming on: Hulu

Claire Danes shines as CIA agent Carrie Mathison in Homeland, adapted from Israel’s Prisoners of War. The U.S. version intensifies the suspense, focusing on Mathison’s spy endeavors. While the original delves into the nuanced experiences of prisoners of war, the remake takes a more action-packed approach.

Shameless: A Working-Class Family Saga

Remake of: Shameless

Country of origin: UK

Streaming on: Netflix

Shameless follows the Gallagher family’s exploits in Chicago, adapted from the British series. With 11 seasons, it became Showtime’s longest-running scripted comedy. The U.S. and UK versions, directed by the same individual, share the same chaotic charm but in distinct cultural settings.

The Good Doctor: Medical Drama Across Borders

Remake of: 굿 닥터 (Good Doctor)

Country of origin: South Korea

Streaming on: Hulu

Freddie Highmore takes on the role of surgical resident Shaun Murphy in The Good Doctor, inspired by the South Korean series. Lasting four seasons longer than its origin, the American adaptation, led by David Shore of House fame, delivers a unique perspective on medical dramas.

Jane the Virgin: Telenovela Satire

Remake of: Juana la virgen

Country of origin: Venezuela

Streaming on: Netflix

Jane the Virgin, a romantic dramedy, puts a satirical spin on the Venezuelan telenovela Juana la virgen. Both series share a quirky premise involving accidental artificial insemination. While the original is a classic soap opera, the remake offers a humorous take on the genre.

The Bridge: A Border-Crossing Crime Drama

Remake of: Broen / Bron

Country of origin: Denmark and Sweden

Streaming on: Hulu, Amazon Prime Video

Set around the Bridge of the Americas, The Bridge follows detectives tackling a cross-border serial killer. While the U.S. version is entertaining, the Nordic original is considered a key entry in the Nordic noir genre. The format even inspired international joint productions, showcasing the versatility of the concept.

The Killing: Atmospheric Police Procedural

Remake of: Forbrydelsen

Country of origin: Denmark

Streaming on: Hulu

The Killing, a police procedural set in Seattle, draws inspiration from the Danish series. Both versions delve into the investigation of a high school girl’s murder, with the U.S. adaptation capturing the gloomy aesthetic of its Nordic predecessor.

Ugly Betty: From Telenovela to New York

Remake of: Yo soy Betty, la fea

Country of origin: Colombia

Streaming on: Hulu

Ugly Betty, based on the Colombian telenovela, follows a smart woman navigating her way in the New York fashion scene. The remake introduces a confident Betty, focusing on her abilities rather than her looks. Numerous international adaptations highlight the universal appeal of the concept.

Power Rangers: Japanese Tokusatsu Inspiration

Remake of: The Super Sentai franchise

Country of origin: Japan

Streaming on: Netflix

Power Rangers, a ’90s kids’ favorite, finds its roots in the Japanese tokusatsu series Super Sentai. With nearly 30 seasons, the franchise continues to captivate audiences with its special effects and giant robots. Fun fact: The Power Rangers series repurposed footage from the ’70s and ’80s Super Sentai entries.


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