The Amazon Unauthorized Purchase Scam: Report and Prevent

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Online marketplaces, including the retail giant Amazon, have become hotbeds for scammers deploying increasingly sophisticated tactics. The Amazon unauthorized purchase scam is one such deceitful ploy that preys on unsuspecting users. In this article, we unravel the intricacies of this scam, offering insights into identifying it, preventing fall victim to it, and reporting incidents. Let’s dive into the depths of this cyber labyrinth together.

The Amazon Unauthorized Purchase Scam Unveiled

Scammers are cunning, and the Amazon unauthorized purchase scam is a testament to their evolving tactics. Picture this: a seemingly legitimate call or email from “Amazon” alerts you to a high-value purchase made through your account. To rectify the situation, you’re prompted to contact customer support via a provided number or link. Little do you know, these are cunning impostors aiming to extract your account details and personal information. The irony lies in attempting to fix a nonexistent problem, only to fall prey to a real one.

How to Spot the Scam

In the ever-evolving landscape of scams, distinguishing the real from the fake can be challenging. However, we’ve compiled a set of guidelines to help you navigate this treacherous terrain:

For Email Scams

  • Verify the Sender’s Email Address: Scrutinize the email address for legitimacy. Typos, strange combinations of letters and numbers, or deviations from the brand’s official format are red flags.
  • Examine Content Carefully: Delve into the email’s subject line and content. Odd logos, spelling errors, or references to your personal information are telltale signs. Avoid clicking on any links or attachments.

For Phone Calls

  • Cross-Check the Number: Ensure the number aligns with the official customer support number. Country codes preceding the number are often indicators of potential scams.
  • Question the Information Requested: Legitimate customer support will never demand highly sensitive information over the phone. Be cautious if asked to install unfamiliar apps or files on your device.

General Tips

  • Directly Verify with the Source: When in doubt, log in to your Amazon account via the official website. Check your purchase history and contact customer support through the platform for assurance.

Reporting and Dealing with the Scam

Whether you’re certain it’s a scam or want to err on the side of caution, reporting is crucial. Amazon provides a comprehensive reporting system tailored to different suspicious activities, including phone calls, emails, texts, unsolicited packages, or gift card fraud. After reporting, block the sender to thwart further contact.

Other Amazon Scams to Watch Out For

  1. “Suspicious Activity Detected” Alerts: Urgency-laden emails claiming suspicious activity. Clicking on embedded links could compromise your login details.
  2. Fake Prizes, Bonuses, or Gifts: Emails enticing you with winnings or expiring points, leading you to fraudulent redemption links.
  3. Buy Gift Cards for Someone Important: Urgent pleas for Amazon gift cards from unfamiliar numbers, pretending to be your boss or family member.
  4. Tech Support Impostors: Scammers posing as Amazon tech support, aiming to extract account details or install fraudulent software.
  5. Failed Delivery Scam: Targets Amazon sellers by falsely claiming non-receipt of items, seeking refunds.
  6. “Alternative” Payment Methods: Scammers persuade buyers to use alternative platforms, disappearing after transactions, leaving buyers empty-handed.

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Responding to a Legitimate Unauthorized Purchase

If you’ve confirmed a genuine unauthorized purchase, act promptly. Amazon will refund you for returned goods. Report the incident to Amazon, local authorities, and your credit card company. Ensure there are no typos or errors in communication, and if in doubt, report immediately.

Amazon Security Alerts: Navigating Legitimate from Scam

Legitimate security alerts from Amazon can be tricky to distinguish from scams. If uncertain, change your password and activate two-factor authentication for enhanced security.

Protecting Your Account After a Suspected Hack

If you suspect a hack, log in immediately, change your password, and remove sensitive information. Check your order history, report to Amazon, and always use two-factor authentication.

Wrapping Up the Scam Chronicles

In the vast online wilderness, scams lurk at every corner. The Amazon unauthorized purchase scam is just one among many. Stay vigilant, follow our guidelines, and report any suspicious activity promptly to protect yourself and others.


1. How can I report an Amazon unauthorized purchase scam?

To report the scam, use Amazon’s comprehensive reporting system, blocking the sender afterward. If the scam has already occurred, report it to local authorities or the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

2. What should I do if I fall victim to an unauthorized purchase email scam?

Report the incident to Amazon, local law enforcement, and your credit card company. Check for typos, errors, or unusual links in the email, and report immediately.

3. How can I distinguish a legitimate security alert from Amazon?

Legitimate security alerts may be challenging to identify. When in doubt, change your password, activate two-factor authentication, and contact Amazon directly through their website.

4. What steps should I take if my Amazon account is suspected to be hacked?

Immediately log in, change your password, and remove sensitive information. Check your order history, report to Amazon, and always use two-factor authentication.

5. Where can I get more cybersecurity tips?

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