Mastering Bitcoin Storage: The Brainwallet Revolution

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Mastering Bitcoin Storage: The Brainwallet Revolution. Ultravpn account register
Mastering Bitcoin Storage: The Brainwallet Revolution. Ultravpn account register
Storing Bitcoin in Your Head: A Guide to Brainwallets

In the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency storage, a unique and intriguing method has emerged—storing Bitcoin in your head. This unconventional approach involves creating a brainwallet, where private and public Bitcoin keys are generated from a list of words rather than a conventional number generator. Known as the seed technique, it allows humans to memorize intricate Bitcoin addresses, replacing the need for lengthy numerical keys with a more memorable word seed. In this article, we delve into the intricacies of brainwallets, explore how to create one using the Electrum wallet, and discuss the importance of safeguarding your seed words.

Unveiling the Brainwallet Concept

Creating a brainwallet involves remembering a list of random and secure words, commonly achieved through a method called Diceware. In this hierarchical deterministic wallet (HD wallet), the seed—a list of words—acts as the foundation for generating private and public Bitcoin keys. The beauty lies in the simplicity; you can quite literally store money in your head.

Wallets Compatible with Seed Words

Several wallets support the use of seed words for Bitcoin keys. Examples include Breadwallet for iOS, Mycelium for Android, and Electrum for Windows, Mac, and Linux. These wallets, however, use an electronic Diceware algorithm to generate words, preventing users from entering their own non-random words. This precautionary measure ensures the security of the wallet and prevents potential vulnerabilities arising from predictable word choices.

Creating a Brainwallet with Electrum

To illustrate the process, let’s use Electrum to create a brainwallet and a watch-only Bitcoin wallet—a wallet with no private key, ensuring added security.

Step 1: Download Electrum

Begin by downloading Electrum from its official website. The application is available for Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux. Alternatively, it comes pre-installed in the Tails operating system, recommended for enhanced security.

Step 2: Setting Up Your Brainwallet

For heightened security, consider using a Live-USB when setting up your brainwallet to prevent potential malware infections.

  1. Create a new Bitcoin wallet by navigating to File > New/Restore, selecting Create New Wallet, and choosing Standard Wallet.
  2. Thirteen random English words will appear. Write them down on paper and proceed by clicking Next.
  3. Confirm the words in the next window to ensure accuracy.
  4. Set a password for regular wallet use (optional for paper backup users) and hit Confirm.
  5. Electrum will generate your addresses visible under Addresses.

Step 3: Creating a Watch-only Wallet

To monitor your balance and receive money securely, create a watch-only wallet with your public key.

  1. Open Electrum, click on File > New/Restore, and enter a wallet name.
  2. Choose Restore a Wallet or Import Keys, followed by Standard Wallet.
  3. Paste your xpub key (Master Public Key) or select the xpub.txt file containing the key.
  4. Confirm it’s a watch-only wallet, and view your addresses and balance under Addresses.

Step 4: Safeguarding Your Seed Words

Remembering your seed words is crucial for accessing your brainwallet. Keep them secure, preferably on paper, and avoid exposing them to cameras or scanners. A safe or a secure location for valuable documents is an ideal storage spot.

Step 5: Deleting Your Wallet

If you’ve memorized your seed words and saved your public key in xpub.txt, you can delete your wallet to exist solely in your head.

On Windows: Users/YourUserName/AppDataRoaming/Local/Electrum/wallets

On Mac: Finder (shift+cmd+G) and type ~/.electrum/wallets

On Linux: Home Folder -> Location and type ~/.electrum/wallets

Congratulations! Your Bitcoin wallet now exists solely in your head.

Keeping Your Investments Secure

While the brainwallet concept adds a layer of memorability to Bitcoin storage, it comes with a significant responsibility—keeping your seed words safe. Losing your seed words means losing your Bitcoins. Avoid the use of photocopiers or scanners and opt for a secure backup on paper stored in a safe or a similarly secure location.

Creating a Watch-only Wallet

A watch-only wallet provides a secure means of monitoring your Bitcoin balance without the need for heightened security measures. Use this wallet to keep tabs on your funds without worrying about its safety.

Restoring Your Wallet for Transactions

When the time comes to spend your Bitcoins, restore the wallet you previously deleted. Follow these steps:

  1. Open Electrum and select File > New/Restore.
  2. Enter a wallet name, choose Restore a Wallet or Import Keys, and opt for Standard Wallet.
  3. Enter a password, generate it with a password manager for regular use.
  4. Click OK, and Electrum will generate your addresses, allowing you to view your balance and make payments. Remember to enter your password for each transaction.


Wallets like Breadwallet, Mycelium, and Electrum support seed words for Bitcoin keys. However, they generate the words themselves using an electronic Diceware algorithm.


Forgetting your seed words means losing access to your Bitcoins. Keep them secure, preferably on paper, and avoid exposing them to cameras or scanners.


While a brainwallet adds memorability, it's recommended for storage purposes. Create a watch-only wallet for everyday transactions and restore your wallet when spending your Bitcoins.


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