No More Writing Browsing History

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Browsing history

Let’s talk about that little stalker we all have—the browser history. You know, the virtual diary that documents every website rendezvous and login affair you’ve ever had. It’s not just a catalog of your digital escapades; it’s a dossier of your online identity, complete with cookies, form data, and sometimes even images. Now, while we appreciate the nostalgia of revisiting the digital nooks and crannies we’ve explored, it’s crucial to understand the privacy risks that come with this baggage.

Browsing history

The Skeletons in Your Browser’s Closet

Your browsing history, like an open book, may be saved on your device, but it could be more promiscuous than you think. Synchronized across your gadgets, lingering in the cloud, it’s vulnerable to prying eyes. Imagine someone peeking into your browsing past—the horror! The most vulnerable scenario? Sharing a device with others. If your history is hanging out in the cloud or synchronized elsewhere, it’s like leaving your diary on a park bench—fair game for anyone passing by.

But worry not, fellow digital explorers, we’ve got the lowdown on how to lock down your browsing history.

The Art of Disappearing Acts: Clearing Your Browsing History

1. Incognito Mode: The Instant Vanisher

The quickest trick in the book is to use your browser’s incognito mode. Think of it as your superhero cloak—New Incognito Window (Chrome), New Private Window (Firefox), or Private Browsing Mode (Safari). It’s a session that leaves no trace, wiping out cookies, form data, cache, and logs when you close the window. Quick, effective, and hassle-free.

2. The Vanishing Spell: Browsing History Settings

For a more permanent solution, alter your browser’s settings to ghost your history. Here’s a quick guide for popular browsers:


  • Go to Preferences > Privacy & Security.
  • Set your cookie preferences.
  • Under History, choose to never remember history or always use private browsing mode.

Pro tip: Customize your menu (☰) and add the Forget button for instant history deletion.


  • Unfortunately, no easy setting here.
  • Manage your history in Settings > Privacy and Security.
  • Consider regularly deleting history or using extensions to automate the process.


  • Clear history through History > Clear History.
  • Block all cookies in Safari > Preferences > Privacy.
  • On mobile, find the Block All Cookies button in Settings > Safari > Privacy & Security.

Tor Browser:

  • When in doubt, trust Tor. No browsing history is recorded, and all data vanishes when you close the browser.

3. Chrome’s Quirks: Dancing Around the Data

Chrome, the elusive one, doesn’t offer a direct switch to turn off history recording. But fear not, you can manage it:

  • In the vertical ellipses menu (⋮), go to Settings > Privacy and Security.
  • Manage your cookies and data preferences.
  • Create an “allow” list for trusted sites.

Remember, everything is stored in your Google Account, so don’t rely solely on Chrome’s goodwill.

Navigating the Digital Jungle: Safeguarding Your Privacy

Ensuring your browser history is on lockdown is just one step in the digital self-defense game. Pair it up with a trusty VPN, like ForestVPN, and you’ll be the invisible ninja of the internet.

Going Beyond: Combining VPN and Tor for Ultimate Stealth

When in doubt, enter the Tor Browser stage left. No history recorded, and data disappears with every curtain call. Yes, it might be a tad slow, but it’s the David Copperfield of browsers, making your online presence vanish.

And just to sprinkle some extra stardust, we’ve ranked the best web browsers for privacy and security. Spoiler alert: ForestVPN is always a winner.


Why not just clear my browsing history after each session?

A: Well, if you enjoy easily revisiting your online haunts, like that funny comic or that catchy song, this might not be for you. Clearing history is like erasing the breadcrumbs, and sometimes, you want to follow the trail back.

How effective is incognito mode in protecting my privacy?

A: Think of incognito mode as a one-night stand for your browsing habits. It keeps no records, but remember, it doesn’t protect you from all prying eyes. Pair it with a VPN for the ultimate privacy party.

Is Tor Browser really the superhero of privacy?

A: Tor Browser is like the Batman of browsers—mysterious, a bit slow, but dedicated to erasing your digital footprints. If you’re all about anonymity, it’s your go-to vigilante.

Why combine VPN and Tor?

A: It’s like having a double-agent on your side. VPN shields your identity, and Tor adds an extra layer of invisibility. Together, they make you the James Bond of the internet.

How does ForestVPN rank among privacy-focused browsers?

A: ForestVPN isn’t just a browser; it’s your digital fortress. It’s not about rankings; it’s about being the unsung hero of your online adventures.

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