Parent’s Guide to Effective Parental Controls

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The concerns of parents have shifted from the traditional worries to a new realm—excessive screen time and exposure to inappropriate content. The good news is that Apple, Android, and Windows devices, along with various other services, offer built-in parental control features to help manage and monitor your child’s digital activities. Join us as we explore the world of parental controls, types, apps, and how to effectively use them to create a safer online environment for your kids.

Unraveling Parental Controls: What Are They?

Parental controls are the digital guardians that empower you to manage and moderate your child’s online experiences. These tools encompass features and settings that allow you to control what your kids can see and do online, ensuring a safe and age-appropriate digital environment. From blocking inappropriate content to restricting app purchases and setting screen-time limits, parental controls play a pivotal role in shaping your child’s online habits.

The Toolbox: Types of Parental Controls

Your device’s parental control settings should offer a variety of functions to keep your child’s digital journey secure:

1. Site Blocking and Content Filtering

Block mature and inappropriate sites, apps, searches, and other content based on algorithms.

2. Time Limits

Set daily time limits for the device, certain apps, or types of apps to manage screen time effectively.

3. Restrictions on App Downloads and Purchases

Exercise control over the apps your child downloads and purchases.

4. Location Tracking

Keep track of your kid’s device real-time location for added peace of mind.

5. Monitoring

Receive notifications for your child’s online activity, staying in the loop and addressing concerns promptly.

The Extra Mile: Parental Control Apps

If the built-in settings aren’t enough, parental control apps come to the rescue. These apps, both free and paid, offer additional features and compatibility with various operating systems, allowing you to monitor and control your child’s device remotely. Let’s delve into the specifics of some popular platforms.

iOS and macOS: Screen Time and Family Sharing

Apple’s iOS (iPhone and iPad) and macOS boast Screen Time as their parental control feature. This multifaceted tool lets you manage screen time, restrict app purchases, and control explicit content. Family Sharing enhances the convenience of controlling your kids’ devices remotely. Here’s a breakdown of the key features:


Schedule daily breaks from the device for your child, limiting access to essential functions.

App Limits

Set daily time limits for specific apps or app categories, curbing excessive use.

Communication Limits (iOS only)

Restrict who your child can contact, adding an extra layer of online safety.

Always Allowed

Designate certain apps to be available for your child to use at all times.

Content & Privacy Restrictions

Exercise control over app downloads, purchases, mature content, websites, and privacy settings.

Android: Google Family Link

Android’s parental controls come in the form of Google Family Link, available for both Android and iOS. This app offers both local and remote control over your child’s device, providing features like:

Set Up Parental Controls

Initiate parental controls on your child’s Android device, controlling screen time and bedtime.

Download and Set Up Family Link

Download the Family Link app to remotely manage your child’s device, ensuring a safe digital experience.

Control Your Child’s Device Using Family Link

Empower yourself to control your child’s device remotely, from finding their location to blocking apps.

Windows: Family Safety

Microsoft introduces Family Safety, a free app compatible with Android and iOS. It allows you to monitor your child’s digital activities on Windows 10. Here’s how to set it up:

Set Up Family Safety

Download the Family Safety app, sign in, and add your child to your family group.

Connect Your Child’s Windows 10 to Family Safety

Link your child’s Windows 10 device to Family Safety to set restrictions and filters.

Set Restrictions and Filters

Customize screen time limits, filter inappropriate websites, and ensure a safer digital environment.

Chrome: Google’s Family Link

Managing your child’s online activity on the Chrome browser is simplified with Google’s Family Link app:

Parental Controls on YouTube

Enable “Restricted Mode” on YouTube to filter out potentially mature content.

Parental Controls on Google

Utilize the free Family Link app to control your kid’s activity on their device or browser.

FAQ: Navigating Parental Controls

What is a Parental Control Pin?

A parental control pin, or password, safeguards your settings from being changed by your child.

How Do I Turn Off Parental Controls?

Easily disable parental controls by accessing your child’s device settings or using a remote control app.

Are Parental Controls Bad?

When used moderately, parental controls create a safer online experience. However, excessive use may strain parent-child relationships.

How Can Kids Circumvent Parental Controls?

Despite controls, kids may find ways to bypass them. Open communication and negotiation are key to navigating this digital landscape.

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