Enhance Gaming Experience by Changing NAT Type on PC

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If you’ve ever found yourself frustrated with lag, rubberbanding, or frequent disconnects while playing multiplayer games, your Network Address Translation (NAT) type might be the culprit. In the realm of online gaming, a smooth and lag-free experience is crucial, and in this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of changing your NAT type on your PC. Join us as we explore the various NAT types, their impact on connectivity, and the steps to enhance your gaming experience by changing NAT type.

Understanding NAT: The Gateway to Connectivity

Before discovering way to changing your NAT type, it’s essential to grasp what NAT is and its role in your network. NAT, or Network Address Translation, serves as a mediator between devices within your local network and the internet. It allows multiple devices to share a single, public-facing IP address, assigning temporary identifiers to each device for improved security and conservation of public IP addresses.

The NAT Types Landscape: Open, Moderate, and Strict

1. Open NAT (NAT Type 1)

Often considered the holy grail by gamers, Open NAT allows direct connection to the internet without router or firewall restrictions. This type is optimal for online gaming, providing minimal latency and unrestricted communication with game servers.

2. Moderate NAT (NAT Type 2)

Moderate NAT indicates that the device is behind a router or firewall, imposing some restrictions. While still suitable for gaming, it may offer a different level of performance than Open NAT.

3. Strict NAT (NAT Type 3)

The most restrictive type, Strict NAT, signals strong router restrictions, potentially leading to difficulties in connecting to game servers, longer matchmaking times, and limitations on voice chat functionality.

Checking Your NAT Type on PC:

Determining your NAT type is a crucial first step. We’ll guide you on how to check your NAT type on your PC using the command prompt.

  1. Press the Windows key and R.
  2. Type cmd and press enter.
  3. Type ipconfig/all and press enter to reveal your local area network, IP address, and gateway address.

Understanding CGNAT: A Temporary Solution

CGNAT, or carrier-grade NAT, addresses the limited availability of public IP addresses. While it can be challenging to determine your NAT type under CGNAT, checking your router’s IP address against the one displayed can provide clarity.

Changing Your NAT Type: A Step-by-Step Guide

Before making changes, it’s essential to back up your router settings. Afterward, test your gaming experience to ensure everything works as expected. Here are some methods to change your NAT type on a PC:

  1. Enable UPnP: Supportive for most routers, UPnP automatically configures ports for games and applications.
  2. Turn on Windows Network Discovery: Enhance connectivity by enabling Network Discovery on Windows.
  3. Port Forwarding: Manually open specific ports for direct communication with other devices.
  4. Edit Configuration File: For tech-savvy users, modify router configuration files with caution.
  5. Enable DMZ Mode: Expose your PC directly to the internet, effective for Open NAT but comes with security risks.

Why Change NAT Types? The Advantages Unveiled

Changing your NAT type can offer various benefits, such as reducing lag for avid gamers, enabling clearer video conferencing for remote work, and facilitating communication for managing remote servers or devices.

The Safety of Changing NAT Types: Best Practices

While changing your NAT type is generally safe, it’s crucial to follow best practices, considering router configuration, security concerns, and specific online gaming settings. Adhering to guidelines ensures a safe and effective optimization of your online gaming experience.

Common Issues with Different NAT Types: A Troubleshooting Guide

Explore common connectivity issues associated with Open, Moderate, and Strict NAT types, including matchmaking delays and voice chat problems.

Alternatives to Changing NAT Types: VPN for PC

While changing NAT types focuses on enhance gaming experience, getting a VPN for PC offers broader advantages. A VPN enhances privacy, security, and provides access to restricted content. However, consider potential latency impact on gaming performance.


  1. How do I change my NAT type on Windows 10?
    • Enable UPnP or turn on Network Discovery through Windows settings.
  2. Are there risks in changing NAT types?
    • Follow router guidelines, update firmware, and be cautious with network modifications.
  3. What issues can different NAT types cause?
    • Explore common problems associated with Open, Moderate, and Strict NAT types.
  4. Is it better to get a VPN for PC than change NAT type?
    • A VPN offers a broader solution for privacy, security, and online access beyond gaming connectivity.
  5. How can I fix my NAT type on PC?
    • Utilize UPnP, port forwarding, Network Discovery, configuration files, or DMZ mode based on your expertise and preferences.

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