Hyperlink Tax: A Battle for Internet Freedom

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The internet, has faced its fair share of battles. One such skirmish revolves around the European Commission’s persistent attempt to introduce a hyperlink tax. Imagine a world where every link comes with a price tag, akin to a radio station paying to play a song. This seemingly absurd proposal would require bloggers, news sites, or search platforms to cough up a fee for using a simple hyperlink.

But here’s the catch—the EC has got it all wrong. A hyperlink is not a reproduction of content; it’s a referral, a gateway to shared knowledge. It’s the essence of an open and transparent internet. Yet, the powers that be fail to see this, threatening the very fabric that makes the web a thriving ecosystem of information exchange.

The Hyperlink’s Rebellion

Established publishing platforms view content curation as an integral part of their role and business model. The hyperlink, in their eyes, jeopardizes this role. It allows anyone to take away curated content without facing the barriers of traditional copyright. The fight against this proposed tax is not just about defending the hyperlink; it’s about preserving the heart of the internet.

OpenMedia: Champions of Internet Freedom

In the midst of this chaos, champions have emerged. OpenMedia, a digital rights advocacy group founded in 2008, stands at the forefront. With a track record of successfully advocating for net neutrality and overturning metered internet usage in Canada, OpenMedia is a relentless crusader against NSA surveillance. They are the unsung heroes in the battle for online freedoms.

Save the Link Campaign: A Beacon of Hope

OpenMedia’s Save the Link campaign is a beacon of hope in the fight against the hyperlink tax. MEP Catherine Stihler’s recent report recommends scrapping the link tax, emphasizing its unnecessary nature and warning of its potential harm to internet users. The report is a step in the right direction, but the battle is far from over.

Despite the report’s significance, powerful private interests in the EU still back the link tax. We find ourselves at a crucial juncture where our collective voices can make a difference. It’s time to ramp up the pressure.

Your Voice Matters: Sign the Petition

EU parliamentarians are listening, and they need to hear from you. By signing OpenMedia’s petition, you add your voice to the growing chorus against link taxation. [Petition is no longer active, but your support still matters.]

If enough of us speak up, we can sway MEPs to vote against the link tax and thwart the Commission’s reckless plans. The battle for internet freedom is not fought in the shadows; it’s won by the collective voices of those who cherish an open and transparent internet.

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