Search Engines That Betray Your Privacy

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Privacy is a precious commodity in the digital age, and your choice of a search engine can either safeguard or jeopardize it. We often underestimate the extent to which search engines delve into our personal lives, often putting our data up for sale. In this article, we dive deep into the evaluation of 11 major search engines to uncover the privacy menaces and the safer bets.

The Contenders: Ranking Privacy Invasion from Bad to Worse

10. Ask

Scope of Data Collection: Large
Ads: Yes
Noteworthy Characteristics: Browser hijacker tendencies

Ask, formerly known as Ask Jeeves, has had an identity crisis over its 25-year existence. Its occasional role as a “browser hijacker” makes it worrisome, bundling its search toolbar with other software without user consent.

9. Lycos

Scope of Data Collection: Large
Ads: Yes
Noteworthy Characteristics: Still surviving

Lycos, surviving multiple iterations since the dot-com bubble, collects a significant amount of data, including IP, browser, and platform information.

8. Google

Scope of Data Collection: Enormous
Ads: Yes
Noteworthy Characteristics: Omniscient data tracking

Despite being the most popular search engine, Google’s privacy policies disclose extensive data tracking, including search queries, IP addresses, phone numbers, and hardware settings.

7. Bing

Scope of Data Collection: Large
Ads: Yes
Noteworthy Characteristics: Nearly as intrusive as Google

Bing, the second most popular search engine, records search queries and relevant information, though slightly less integrated with popular platforms than Google.

6. Yahoo

Scope of Data Collection: Large
Ads: Yes
Noteworthy Characteristics: Recent email system hack

Yahoo’s recent security breach, where 3 billion Yahoo Mail accounts were compromised, adds to its already questionable privacy reputation.

5. Mojeek

Scope of Data Collection: Minimal
Ads: Yes
Noteworthy Characteristics: Independent index, privacy-focused

Mojeek positions itself as an “alternative search engine,” focusing on privacy, independent results, and environmentally friendly servers.

4. Ecosia

Scope of Data Collection: Minimal
Ads: Yes
Noteworthy Characteristics: Environmentally friendly, supports reforestation

Ecosia, launched in 2009, donates 80% of its income to causes supporting reforestation and prioritizes user privacy in its policies.

3. StartPage

Scope of Data Collection: Minimal
Ads: Yes
Noteworthy Characteristics: Privacy-friendly Google alternative

StartPage, born from Ixquick, ensures privacy by querying Google without disclosing personal information.

2. Qwant

Scope of Data Collection: Minimal
Ads: Yes
Noteworthy Characteristics: Google performance without privacy infringement

Qwant, a French-based company, prioritizes personal privacy, refraining from collecting personal data and analyzing user search history.

1. DuckDuckGo

Scope of Data Collection: Minimal
Ads: No
Noteworthy Characteristics: Onion service, privacy-focused

DuckDuckGo, a privacy champion, aggregates searches without affiliating them with other data and offers an onion service for enhanced privacy.

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