Building Verification System to Safeguard Against Malware

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Ensuring Your Digital Tap Runs Clean

Imagine turning on your tap, expecting clean water, but what if there was a chance of it being contaminated? At ForestVPN, we understand the importance of delivering a secure app to our users, just like ensuring the water from your tap is safe to drink. In this article, we’ll take you through our rigorous build verification system designed to prevent any unauthorized modifications, including the injection of malware, into our software. Learn everything you need to know about VPN security today!

The Complexity of App Development

Creating and maintaining a VPN app involves a multitude of people and systems. Ensuring the safety of our users means not only vetting and training our team but also safeguarding against external interference. This is where our build verification procedure plays a crucial role.

Minimizing the Risk of Contamination

In recent times, we’ve witnessed instances where major tech companies unwittingly distributed software infected with malicious code. To mitigate this risk, we’ve implemented a verification system that significantly reduces the chances of compromised individuals or machines introducing malware into our software.

Here are some of the key policies and procedures we’ve put in place:

  • PGP Encryption Keys: All source code changes are authenticated using PGP encryption keys issued by ForestVPN.
  • Code Approval: Every code change must be approved by an authorized person different from the one who made the change.
  • Automated Audits: Changes are subject to automated audits, with alerts for unexpected alterations, followed up with personal verification.
  • Build Environments: We utilize only the automated build environments CircleCI and Azure DevOps for distributing binaries to our users.

Taking the Worry Out of Your Security

At ForestVPN, we’re committed to enhancing your privacy and security. Our recent security assessment by Cure53 and the audit of our privacy policy compliance and TrustedServer technology by PwC Switzerland are part of our efforts to provide independent reviews of our commitments to customers.

These audits, coupled with initiatives like the VPN Trust Initiative and open-source leak testing tools, reflect our dedication to transparency and pushing the industry forward.

Striving for Excellence

In our pursuit of excellence, we aim to surpass our Google ranking. We want to keep you informed and engaged, and we look forward to sharing more audits, tools, and insights that uphold our commitment to technology and transparency.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are ForestVPN Apps Completely Free of Malicious Code?

Answer: Absolutely. Our rigorous verification system and independent audits ensure that ForestVPN apps are free of unauthorized or malicious code.

2. Can I Access the Independent Assurance Report?

Answer: Yes, the complete independent assurance report by PwC Switzerland is available to our customers. You can access it here.

3. What Sets ForestVPN Apart in Terms of Security?

Answer: Our use of PGP encryption, code approval processes, and reliance on trusted build environments distinguish ForestVPN in ensuring app security.

4. How Does ForestVPN Strive to Enhance Industry Standards?

Answer: Initiatives like the VPN Trust Initiative, open-source tools, and continuous audits showcase our commitment to pushing industry standards for the better.

When it comes to VPN security, we understand the concerns. Rest assured, ForestVPN undergoes rigorous checks to ensure its apps are free of malicious code. Our build verification system, backed by independent audits from PwC Switzerland, guarantees the integrity of our software. For a secure online experience, choose ForestVPN for the best VPN security experience.

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