Free AI Tools: Boosting Productivity Across Industries

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In November 2022, ChatGPT revolutionized our approach to work, paving the way for faster and smarter operations using AI technology. However, the AI landscape extends far beyond ChatGPT, with a plethora of free tools available to help marketers, project managers, and individuals across various domains. Join us on a journey as we explore the best free AI tools for marketing, photo editing, content creation, engineering, project management, small businesses, and students.

What Sets AI Tools Apart?

AI tools, fueled by machine learning algorithms, natural language processing (NLP), and diverse AI methodologies, have become the driving force behind automated tasks, data analysis, and predictions. From data analysis to virtual assistants, these tools mimic or enhance human intelligence, tackling complex tasks efficiently. As we dive into the realm of AI tools, we’ll uncover the gems designed to optimize workflows, boost creativity, and streamline various processes.

The Best Free AI Tools for Marketing

1. for Copywriting empowers business owners and marketers to generate high-quality text swiftly. From catchy email subject lines to blog outlines, this versatile tool uses GPT technology for content creation, supporting multiple languages and providing plagiarism checks.

Great for: Catchy email subject lines, automated emails, event copy, landing page hero text, meta descriptions, and more.

Plans: Free plan (90 copywriting tools, 10 credits/month, 25+ languages) or Pro plan ($35/month).

2. Jasper AI for SEO-driven Content

Formerly known as Jarvis AI, Jasper AI excels in creating SEO-friendly content. With a user-friendly interface and support for over 25 languages, this tool caters to a broad audience, including social media managers, copywriters, and small business owners.

Great for: Writing SEO copy, capturing brand voice, and summarizing content.

Plans: Free trial (7 days) or Creator ($49/month), Teams ($125/month), Business (Custom pricing).

3. Looka for Logos

Looka, an AI-powered logo maker, simplifies the logo creation process. Users can input company details, choose styles and colors, and Looka generates custom logo designs with high-resolution files and branding support.

Great for: Creating on-brand logo designs, business card design templates, and consistent branding.

Plans: Free to use, asset license starting from $20.

4. AdGency AI for Creating Ads

AdGency AI streamlines ad creation, management, and optimization. With real-time data solutions and AI-based recommendations, it automates the process, helping maximize ROI for marketing campaigns.

Great for: Creating ad images, generating product descriptions, and real-time data monitoring.

Plans: Free trial (15 credits) or custom pricing for additional features.

5. Microsoft Designer for Social Media Posts

Microsoft Designer competes with Canva, offering powerful design features. With AI-driven functionalities, it’s an alternative for creating appealing social media posts quickly, complete with professional images.

Great for: Quickly creating social media posts, AI-generated design and copy suggestions.

Plans: Free with a Microsoft account.

The Best Free AI Tools for Photo Editing

6. PicWish for Removing Backgrounds

PicWish, an AI-powered image processing tool, excels in background removal, enhancing faces, retouching photos, and more. Users can remove backgrounds in bulk or on individual images.

Great for: Removing background, enhancing faces, and compressing images.

Plans: Free to save images online, pay-as-you-go starting from $14.99.

7. Deep Nostalgia for Bringing Old Photos to Life

Deep Nostalgia, offered by MyHeritage, animates still photos, creating GIFs and restoring old images. Users can sign up for a free account and enjoy the service’s enhancements.

Great for: Creating realistic video clips, restoring old and grainy photos.

Plans: Free with signup to MyHeritage.

8. for Removing Unwanted Objects utilizes AI for inpainting, removing unwanted objects, text, watermarks, or even people from photos. It also provides pre-existing images for streamlined editing.

Great for: Removing unwanted objects, text, logos, and background removal.

Plans: Free (limited to 720p resolution) or Pro starting from $3.

9. Gigapixel AI for Image Upscaling

Gigapixel AI specializes in upscaling images, preserving photorealistic details. With Face Recovery AI, it enhances details and textures of low-resolution faces, offering impressive results even when upscaling by 600%.

Great for: Resizing photos for print, zooming in on macro photos, enlarging details in lower megapixel images.

Plans: Endless free trial (with watermarks) or one-time purchase for $99.99.

10. Generated Photos for Unique Model Stock Images

Generated Photos lets users create customized AI-generated images of models, offering a library of 100,000 images. It’s ideal for creating virtual avatars, characters, and unique visuals for marketing campaigns.

Great for: Creating virtual avatars, unique visuals for marketing.

Plans: Free trial for personal use, $19.99/month for commercial use.

The Best Free AI Tools for Content Creation

11. ChatGPT for Writing

ChatGPT is a versatile AI tool for content writers, adapting seamlessly to various contexts. It enhances existing copy, generates ideas, improves vocabulary, refines writing style, and aids in grammar and spelling checks.

Great for: Enhancing existing copy, generating ideas, refining writing style, learning about writing techniques.

Plans: Free with standard response speed or ChatGPT Plus ($20/month) for faster response speed.

12. Lumen5 for Making Videos

Lumen5 utilizes AI and machine learning to analyze text inputs and generate corresponding video content. It simplifies video creation by extracting key information and allowing users to customize videos.

Great for: Creating videos without extensive editing skills, enhancing content marketing strategies.

Plans: Free (with watermark), Basic ($29/month), Starter ($79/month), Professional ($180/month), Enterprise (Custom pricing).

13. Deep Dream Generator for Creating Art

Deep Dream Generator, developed by Google engineers, creates psychedelic images using the pareidolia algorithm. It transforms images into abstract and surreal visuals, offering an innovative approach to traditional art techniques.

Great for: Creating original and visually captivating artwork.

Plans: Free account (with restrictions) or paid plans starting from $19.

14. LALAL.AI for Making Music

LALAL.AI is an AI-powered music separation and vocal remover service. Musicians, producers, and audio engineers can extract individual tracks from mixed songs quickly and accurately.

Great for: Extracting individual tracks for remixing, sampling, or mastering.

Plans: Free with limitations or paid plans for more features.

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We’ve explored the diverse landscape of free AI tools across different domains. From marketing and photo editing to content creation, these tools cater to a wide range of needs, promising enhanced productivity and creativity. As we bid farewell, keep in mind that ForestVPN stands out not just as a VPN service but as a gateway to unlimited and secure online experiences.


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    • Yes, each tool mentioned comes with a free plan or trial, providing users with essential functionalities.
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