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Online privacy is more critical than ever in today’s digital world. With cyber threats looming around every corner, it’s crucial to understand how well we’re safeguarding our personal data. Let’s dive into a fun Tech Privacy Quiz to gauge our knowledge and learn some essential tips for a safer online experience!

Part One: Definitions and Awareness

  1. What is 2FA?
    • Twin-facet authorization
    • Two-factor authentication
    • Two-formula automatization
    • Time-facing automation Answer: Two-factor authentication. Adding an extra layer of security ensures your data stays safe from unauthorized access.
  2. What is the most common type of malware?
    • Adware
    • Scareware
    • Spyware
    • Ransomware Answer: Adware. Those pesky pop-up ads can pose a significant threat to your online security, so be vigilant and scan your devices regularly.
  3. What is the best way to send secure messaging?
    • PDFs
    • End-to-end encryption
    • Private DM’s on social media
    • Embedded as an attachment in an email Answer: End-to-end encryption. Safely transfer data and messages without worrying about prying eyes with this secure method.
  4. Which of these groups are often targeted for identity theft?
    • Children
    • High school seniors
    • College graduates
    • Mothers-in-law Answer: Children. Cybercriminals can exploit their personal information for fraudulent activities.
  5. What is the busiest time of year for online fraud?
    • Back to school
    • Spring Break
    • Black Friday
    • Halloween Answer: Black Friday. Stay vigilant during this shopping frenzy to avoid falling victim to fraudsters.

Part Two: Credentials and Apps

  1. How frequently should you update your passwords?
    • Every three months
    • Every two weeks
    • Every six months
    • Every year Answer: Every three months. Keep your credentials fresh to mitigate potential security risks effectively.
  2. True or false: you need a different password for each account.
  3. True or false: someone can hack into your device with your IP address.
  4. True or false: you only need a VPN and an antivirus if you use your computer all the time. Answer: False. Whether you’re using your computer, phone, or any other device, safeguarding your online activities with a VPN and antivirus is crucial, especially when using public WiFi.
  5. True or false: it doesn’t matter which VPN server you use. Answer: False. Choosing the right VPN server can significantly impact your connection speed and the content accessibility.
  6. What is a “no-log” or “zero-log” VPN? Answer: The provider doesn’t track user activity, ensuring your online actions remain private.
  7. True or false: a VPN can improve your gaming and streaming experience.
  8. Which features are available with a VPN?
    • Streaming global content
    • Better security
    • More privacy
    • All of the above Answer: All of the above, and much more if you choose ForestVPN!


  • 1-5: Your tech privacy knowledge needs work, but we’ve got your back! Check out our knowledge guides to enhance your online safety.
  • 6-9: Your tech privacy knowledge is impressive! Explore our how-to guides to further enhance your online security.
  • 10-13: Your tech privacy knowledge is unparalleled! Dive into our news articles to stay updated on the latest cybersecurity trends.

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