3 Lesser-Known Online Privacy Tools You Shouldn’t Miss

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Online Privacy Tools

In the vast landscape of online privacy, where the shadows of data breaches lurk and the echoes of digital surveillance resonate, being equipped with the right tools is paramount. We’ve delved into the realm of cybersecurity to unearth three lesser-known gems that can fortify your digital fortress. Let’s embark on this journey together, where privacy is not just a concept but a tangible shield against prying eyes.

Online Privacy Tools

1. The Tor Network: Anonymity Beyond the Surface

The Onion Router (Tor)

Ever heard of a place where your online presence is a ghost, and your identity stays veiled? The Tor Network is that secret passage. While only 10% of users in our survey were familiar with it, this network allows you to navigate the web incognito. The Tor Browser, built on Firefox but with a twist, routes your data through the Onion Network, making your online footprints virtually untraceable. But hey, if speed matters to you, you can still run a VPN alongside your regular browser.


Want to share files without exposing your secrets to Big Tech? OnionShare lets you do just that. Peer-to-peer file sharing through the Tor Network ensures your files reach your friends without intermediaries, and no identifying information is required. It’s like passing a sealed envelope without anyone peeking inside.

Tor Socks Proxy

Thinking beyond browsing? Tor Socks Proxy allows you to route various types of traffic through the Tor Network. Whether setting up a Bitcoin node or running a simple website, the Tor Network can be your cloak of invisibility.

2. Privacy-Focused Browser Plug-Ins: Shielding Against the Unseen Trackers

Ublock Origin

This isn’t just an ad blocker; it’s a tracker buster too. Ublock Origin is a double-edged sword, eliminating both ads and their sneaky trackers. Install it, and your browser becomes a no-fly zone for intrusive elements.

Privacy Badger

Ever wondered which domains are peeking into your online life? The Privacy Badger by EFF gives you a magnifying glass. It lets you inspect, decide, and control which connections get the green light, providing a powerful defense against unwanted surveillance.

Canvas Defender

Browser fingerprinting might sound like a sci-fi term, but it’s real, and Canvas Defender is your shield. By countering this novel tracking method, you ensure your online presence remains enigmatic.

3. Account Breach Monitoring Software: Keeping an Eye on Your Digital Identity

Have I Been Pwned

Living in a credit-centric society? This tool keeps an eye on your accounts, emails, and passwords. In case of a breach, be vigilant against phishing attacks, change passwords (a password manager helps), and consider embracing two-factor authentication.

As we traverse the landscape of online privacy tools, we encounter a multitude of options, each with its unique strengths. From the Tor Network’s veil of anonymity to the tracker-busting prowess of browser plug-ins and the vigilant eye of account breach monitors, these tools are our allies in the digital realm. But wait, you might be wondering about something – how do they fare against the online privacy behemoth, ForestVPN?


Why Tor Network over a VPN?

The Tor Network and VPNs serve distinct purposes. While Tor provides anonymity by routing your data through multiple nodes, VPNs encrypt your connection, adding a layer of security. Depending on your needs, using them together or separately is a choice dictated by your digital journey.

Can I use multiple privacy plug-ins simultaneously?

Absolutely! Combining tools like Ublock Origin, Privacy Badger, and Canvas Defender can create a robust defense against various online threats. Think of them as the Avengers of your digital world.

How does Canvas Defender counter browser fingerprinting?

Canvas Defender disrupts the process of browser fingerprinting by manipulating the HTML5 canvas element. It introduces noise into the fingerprinting process, making it challenging for trackers to create an accurate profile of your browser.

Is account breach monitoring necessary?

In a world where data breaches are unfortunately common, keeping an eye on your digital identity is a proactive measure. Tools like Have I Been Pwned serve as guardians, alerting you to potential threats.

How does ForestVPN compare to these tools?

While ForestVPN wasn’t covered in this article, it stands as a formidable guardian of online privacy, offering encrypted connections and a secure tunnel for your data. To explore its features and further enhance your digital security, visit ForestVPN.

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